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Jeff Shull

Jeff Shull

3L  |  Lenexa, Kansas  |  University of Kansas  |

Hello! My name is Jeff Shull. I am from and currently live in Lenexa, Kansas. I graduated from the University of Kansas in 2012 with a degree in history and a minor in public policy.  

When I first started college, I knew I planned on going to law school. However, I took an unusual path getting here. In 2012, I became a certified EMT and began volunteering for a fire department in Douglas County. In 2013, I started working in the medical field for a company called On Call Surgical. I operated lasers and intraoperative ultrasounds in operating rooms across the Midwest. In 2014, I began attending classes to become a certified paramedic. In 2015, I started working full-time for Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical, first as a firefighter and then later a firefighter paramedic.  

While I enjoyed my career as a firefighter, I knew that I would be better suited to help people in a different way. When laying in my bunk at the fire station, I read about one of the cases in which KU’s Project for Innocence had helped to overturn an innocent man’s conviction. This combined with the injustices I was seeing as a firefighter pushed me to go to law school. 

I looked at several law schools when deciding which one would be the best for me. KU stood out among all of them. I really appreciated all the opportunities we have to experience different things throughout our time at school. There are a variety of clinics, study abroad programs and the 6th Semester in D.C. program that allows you to discover what law is best suited for you prior to graduation. My time here so far has proven to me that I made the right decision. 

I know that any period of change in life is stressful. If you have any questions about KU Law, Lawrence or law school in general, please reach out to me and let me know. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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