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Nate Crosser

Nate Crosser

3L  |  Lenexa, KS  |  University of Kansas  |

Hey! My name is Nate Crosser, I am a 3L from the exotic land of Johnson County, Kansas. I attended the University of Kansas as an undergraduate and studied economics with a minor in business. I am a member of the first class of Legal Education Accelerated Degree students to enter KU law.

The LEAD program is a unique opportunity that the KU School of Law and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences have teamed up to provide. You apply your senior year of high school to be pre-admitted to law school at 18 years old, which is pretty crazy, especially in retrospect. The program consists of three years of undergraduate schooling immediately followed by three years of law school.

Thanks to the LEAD program, as an undergraduate I had the opportunity to receive specialized advising, take a class at the law school, get to know law professors and deans, and eat lunch with Kansas Supreme Court Justices and major law firm partners – not to mention shave off a year of tuition and schooling.

One potential drawback of being involved in an accelerated program is that I am one of the youngest people in my law school class and, therefore, haven’t had a lot of time to accumulate work or life experience. I studied abroad at Cambridge, worked as a life insurance agent and jury selection consultant, wrote for a financial journal and was an investigative journalist in D.C. – but this pales in comparison to the experiences of many of my colleagues. Some of my good friends and classmates have lived in places like Africa, served in foreign wars, worked for judges and law firms, been star athletes or had successful careers before coming to law school. Being in a cohort with these people is humbling and inspiring. I get to learn from them every day, and it is one of my favorite aspects of law school.

It’s important not to forget that law students are normal people, too! My favorite things to do are fishing, going on walks, jamming out to indie music, reading “Game of Thrones” and grabbing drinks with friends. I look forward to getting to know some of you and am always willing to talk about anything, especially KU Law (or basketball).

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