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First-Day Assignments

Fall 2018

Antitrust (Landsberg)

Casebook: Elhauge, Einer, U.S. Antitrust Law & Economics, 3d ed (2018).

Read: 1-11, 53-57. Syllabus is posted on Blackboard.

Advanced Litigation (Schnug)

For our first class (8/23), please review this brief article: "Talk to the Eyes: If It Can’t Be Visualized, It’s Not a Story." 

There is no text assigned for the course, but you will need to bring a copy of the Federal Rules of Evidence to every class. There are copies available at the bookstore for purchase, or, if you have a copy in a previous textbook or want to print a complete version from Lexis or Westlaw, that is also fine. The syllabus and additional resources are posted to Blackboard. Please complete the self-assessment form posted on Blackboard and bring it with you to our first class. You do not need to wear courtroom attire for our first class, but you will for every court session (Thursdays) after that. I look forward to working with you!

American Legal History (Hoeflich)

Syllabus will be handed out during the first class meeting.

Business Associations I (Hecker)

First week's assignment:

  1. "Introduction to Agency," Eisenberg & Cox, pp. 1-2 (through 1st full paragraph), 6-7 (Note on Agency Relationship, notes 1 & 2)  Restatement (3d) of Agency (in Statutory Supp.) §§ 1.01 – 1.03, 1.04(5)
  2. "Vicarious Tort Liability," Eisenberg & Cox, pp. 7-8 (Note on Agency Relationship, note 3a)  Restatement (3d) of Agency §§ 2.04, 7.01-7.08 & all Comments, 8.08.
  3. Photocopy materials, pp. 2-5 (Vicarious Tort Liability; KU Memo re Independent Contractor vs.KU Employee).

Civil Procedure (Hines)

For class Thursday, August 24, please read pages 1-5, 299-305 & 367-71 in Civil Procedure by Yeazell & Schwartz (9th ed).​  

No laptops will be allowed in class.

Contract Drafting (Sears)

Translating the Business Deal into Contract Concepts. These chapters provide the framework for the course. You will learn the analytic skills that deal lawyers use when drafting and the basic contract concepts from a deal lawyer’s perspective.

Reading Assignment:

  • Chapter 1 – A Few Words
  • Chapter 2 – The Building Blocks of Contracts
  • Chapter 3 – Translating the Business Deal – Part 1
  • Chapter 4 – Translating the Business Deal – Part 2 (Including the Appendices to Chapter 4)
  • Chapter 5 – A Contract’s Parts

Class Discussion: We will discuss Exercise 5-2 during class. Please review it.

Elections and Campaign Finance (Johnson)

Lowenstein casebook, p. 29-31, 47-48 n. 5, 52-77, 117-124 n. 5.

On Blackboard: U.S. Constitution, Article I, Sections 4 and 5; Constitution Amendments 15, 17, and 26.

Employment Law (Rosenberg)

Welcome back! Students should check the course Blackboard page for the first-day assignment. If you do not have access to the course Blackboard page, please email Professor Rosenberg (jorose@ku.edu).

Evidence (Velte)

Read the Foreword, Study Guide, and Chapters 1 and 2 of the casebook. Complete the Introduction Assignment that is posted on Blackboard. You may email it to Professor Velte (kvelte@ku.edu) prior to class or bring a hard copy to class.

International Law and Literature (Bhala)

Pick up the syllabi from the table outside Room 203.

First-week assignment:

REQUIRED readings:

  1. Posner, Preface, pages xi-xvi; and Critical Introduction; pages 1-17. This book is: Posner, Richard A., "Law & Literature" (Harvard University Press, 3rd ed., 2009, 550 pages), ISBN: 978-0-674-03246-0
  2. 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, Articles 31-32 (4 pages)
  3. Clark, Katharine & Matthew Connolly, "A Guide to Reading, Interpreting, and Applying Statutes, The Writing Center" (PDF), Georgetown University Law Center (April 2006) (21 pages)
  4. GATT Article XX(a) (1 page)

OPTIONAL reading:

  1. Cross, Chapter 1 (Historical), pages 9-19; Chapter 2 (Jurisprudential), pages 20-45; Chapter 3 (The Basic Rules States), pages 46-67; Chapter 4 (The Basic Rules Illustrated), pages 68-111. This book is: Cross, Sir Rupert, Dr. John Bell and Sir George Engle, "Statutory Interpretation," (Butterworths, London, 1987), selected excerpts

International Trade Law (Bhala)

Pick up the syllabi from the table outside Room 203.

First- and second-week assignments:

REQUIRED readings:

  1. International Trade Law Textbook, Volume I:  Preface, Introduction, and Chapters 1-2, 3-7. This textbook is: Raj Bhala, International Trade Law: An Interdisciplinary, Non-Western Textbook, Volumes I and II, 4th edition, 2015, LexisNexis (now Carolina Academic Press), ISBN: 978-0-76986-907-0.
  2. Watch YouTube video: International Trade Law with Raj Bhala

OPTIONAL readings: 

  1. Modern GATT Law: Preface and Introduction, Chapters 56-57. This treatise is: Raj Bhala, Modern GATT Law: A Treatise on the Law and Political Economy of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and Other World Trade Organisation Agreements, Volumes I and II, 2nd edition, 2013, Thomson Sweet & Maxwell (London), ISBN 978-1-84703-776-3.

Jurisdiction (Mulligan)

Please register for the course on TWEN. You will find the syllabus and readings there.

Please read Pennoyer v. Neff.

Lawyering Skills 1 (all sections)

Before class on Friday 8/17:  

Go to http://www.uscourts.gov/about-federal-courts and read the information contained in the sections below. Please also watch the short video on state and federal courts at https://www.fjc.gov/node/1616326.

  1. Federal Courts and the Public
  2. Court Role and Structure
  3. Comparing Federal and State Courts
  4. About the U.S. Courts of Appeal

Also read Chapters 1-2 in your Lawyering Skills textbook, A Lawyer Writes: A Practical Guide to Legal Analysis by Christine Coughlin, Joan Malmud & Sandy Patrick.

Before class on Monday 8/20: Read Chapter 3 in A Lawyer Writes.

Legal Aid Clinic (DeRousse)

  • Orientation will be held on Aug. 21, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Before orientation, please read the Legal Aid Clinic Manual, Sections 1, 3, and 4. An electronic copy has been sent to enrolled students by email, or feel free to borrow a Legal Aid Manual from the clinic office. 
  • Please also complete the Student Intro Sheet that was attached to the email and bring it with you to orientation.

Professional Responsibility (Valdez)

Reading assignment for first week (August 27-28, 2018):

Required materials:

Please read the following for the first week of class:

  • Introduction and Chapter 1: Regulation of Lawyers (Text: xxxiii – xxxvii and pp. 1-63; Model Rules: Preamble and Scope note, and Rule 8.1)
  • Chapter 2: Lawyer Liability (Text pp. 65 – 140; Model Rules 5.1-5.3; 8.3)

Prosecutorial Ethics (Valdez)

Reading assignment for first week of class:

Required materials (to be purchased):

  • “Prosecutorial Ethics” (2d Ed.) by R. Michael Cassidy

In addition, students will be responsible for reviewing online materials, such as relevant ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, and other readings as assigned by me.           

First assignment: Please read the Introduction to Prosecutorial Ethics (pp. xvii-xix). Also read ABA Model Rule 3.8: Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor (and comments), to be found on the American Bar Association website.

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