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First-Year Curriculum

From your first day at KU Law, you’ll be engaged in both broad considerations of the role of law in society and specific training in legal research, writing and advocacy.

All first-year students take Lawyering Skills, a course that focuses on the skills and values of the legal profession. Faculty members with extensive experience meet with students in a traditional classroom setting and in small groups. By the end of your first year, you will have prepared a brief and argued a summary judgment motion.

You’ll also take one of your other required first-year courses in a small section of about 20 students. These classes provide an informal learning atmosphere and encourage in-depth discussions and critical analysis.

First-year courses include:

LAW 804 Civil Procedure
This course will examine all phases of the litigation process in civil actions. Specific subjects covered may include: pleadings; discovery; disposition of cases without trial; the right to jury trial; post-trial motions; appeals; the bases for jurisdiction over persons and property; notice; venue; subject matter jurisdiction; choice of federal or state law in diversity cases; joinder of claims and parties; and preclusive effects of judgments. Required course. LEC.
Fall 2017
Type Time/Place and Instructor Credit Hours Class #
LEC Hines, Laura
WRF 11:25-12:20 PM GRN 203 - LAWRENCE
F 09:15-10:10 AM GRN 203 - LAWRENCE
4 17974
LEC Sward, Ellen
WRF 11:25-12:20 PM GRN 107 - LAWRENCE
W 10:20-11:15 AM GRN 107 - LAWRENCE
4 17978
LEC Sward, Ellen
WRF 01:35-02:30 PM GRN 107 - LAWRENCE
F 10:20-11:15 AM GRN 107 - LAWRENCE
4 26463
LEC Hines, Laura
WRF 10:20-11:15 AM GRN 108 - LAWRENCE
R 09:15-10:10 AM GRN 108 - LAWRENCE
4 17977
LAW 806 Introduction to Constitutional Law
An introduction to the law of the United States Constitution, including the historical context and evolution of constitutional principles, methods of constitutional interpretation and analysis, and basic doctrine concerning the structure of government and the protection of individual rights. Doctrinal coverage includes separation of powers, federalism, equal protection, due process, and freedom of religion. Required course. LEC.

The class is not offered for the Fall 2017 semester.

LAW 809 Contracts
An introduction to contract law, including topics such as offer and acceptance, consideration, contracts enforceable without consideration, defenses to enforcement of contracts, terms of contracts and their interpretation, performance and breach of contracts, remedies for breach, third-party beneficiaries, and assignments. Required course. LEC.
Fall 2017
Type Time/Place and Instructor Credit Hours Class #
LEC Drahozal, Christopher
MTW 08:10-09:05 AM GRN 104 - LAWRENCE
M 11:25-12:20 PM GRN 104 - LAWRENCE
4 26464
LEC Lucas, Quinton
MTW 08:10-09:05 AM GRN 108 - LAWRENCE
T 09:15-10:10 AM GRN 108 - LAWRENCE
4 22364
LEC Peck, John
MTR 10:20-11:15 AM GRN 107 - LAWRENCE
R 02:40-03:35 PM GRN 107 - LAWRENCE
4 22365
LAW 814 Criminal Law
An introduction to substantive criminal law, including theories of punishment, basic stages of the criminal process, culpability, defenses, parties to crime, conspiracy, attempts, sentencing, homicide, and other selected offenses. Required course. LEC.

The class is not offered for the Fall 2017 semester.

LAW 820 Lawyering Skills I
This course introduces students to legal systems and the skills of lawyers. It includes instruction and discussion on legal traditions, legal institutions and legal methods. It focuses on developing students' skills in legal reasoning, writing and research. Students will complete numerous research and writing assignments, culminating in an open memorandum. Required course. LEC.
Fall 2017
Type Time/Place and Instructor Credit Hours Class #
LEC Keller, Pamela
TR 09:15-10:10 AM GRN 203 - LAWRENCE
2 17979
LEC Rosenberg, Joyce
TR 01:35-02:30 PM GRN 106 - LAWRENCE
2 16148
LEC Rosenberg, Joyce
TR 11:25-12:20 PM GRN 201 - LAWRENCE
2 16149
TR 10:20-11:15 AM GRN 201 - LAWRENCE
2 16767
LEC Six, Betsy
TR 10:20-11:15 AM GRN 104 - LAWRENCE
2 25256
LAW 821 Lawyering Skills II
In this course, students build on the research and writing skills they developed in the first semester and practice additional skills such as client interviewing, negotiation and mediation. Students learn about the expectations and demands of lawyers and the legal profession through instruction on bar admission, professionalism, and ethical advocacy, and by working on assignments in a simulated lawsuit. Student work culminates in an advocacy brief and subsequent oral argument. Required course. LEC.

The class is not offered for the Fall 2017 semester.

LAW 826 Property
An introduction to personal property law and to real property law, which includes adverse possession, estates in land, cotenancies, landlord-tenant law, easements, and real covenants, and which may include other private and public land use controls, eminent domain, and conveyancing. Required course. LEC.

The class is not offered for the Fall 2017 semester.

LAW 831 Torts I
Fall semester. Development of liability based upon fault. Intentional torts, including battery, assault, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of mental distress, trespass to land and chattels, conversion, and privileges. Negligence, including standard of care, causation, limitation of duty, defenses, and comparative negligence. Survival and wrongful death. Strict liability. Damages. Required course. LEC.
Fall 2017
Type Time/Place and Instructor Credit Hours Class #
LEC McAllister, Stephen
MTW 09:15-10:10 AM GRN 104 - LAWRENCE
M 10:20-11:15 AM GRN 104 - LAWRENCE
4 21131
LEC Kautsch, Mike
MTW 01:35-02:30 PM GRN 203 - LAWRENCE
W 02:40-03:35 PM GRN 203 - LAWRENCE
4 21132

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