JD/MBA (Business)

The objective of this program is to combine into four years of study the three-year J.D. program offered by the School of Law and the two-year MBA program offered by the School of Business. This program is designed to offer the student an opportunity to train in the convergent fields of law and business management, particularly those intending to engage in corporate law practice, or to enter business using law training as background.

Given the symbiotic relationship between business and law, it is not surprising to find individuals with legal backgrounds in many top business positions. Responsible corporate managers can rarely make any significant business decisions without awareness of the possible legal implications. Conversely, lawyers who advise corporate management must have an awareness of the business implications of their legal advice. There is always strong demand for those with the skills and understanding of the interwoven aspects of both business and law.

If you are a prospective law student, contact the KU Law Office of Admissions, 785-864-4378, admitlaw@ku.edu; or Dee Steinle, business school, 785-864-3844, dsteinle@ku.edu.

If you are a current KU student, contact Assistant Dean Leah Terranova, law school, 785-864-4357, leaht@ku.edu; or Dee Steinle, business school, 785-864-3844, dsteinle@ku.edu.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the combined JD/MBA program, a student must meet the requirements and be accepted into both the School of Law and the School of Business prior to entering the joint program. The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) are required for all applicants to the JD/MBA program. Students new to both programs must complete the first year of the Law School curriculum before entering into the MBA curriculum. A current Law School student must declare the intention of entering into the joint program prior to completing two full semesters in the J.D. curriculum. The academic committee may grant exceptions to this requirement in individual cases. A current MBA student must enter the joint program prior to completing two full semesters in the MBA curriculum. Such students will not receive Law School credit for business courses taken before commencing classes in the Law School.

Diplomas will be awarded concurrently by each school following the completion of requirements for the joint degree program.

The joint JD/MBA program is open to those who have earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university and whose undergraduate academic record indicates that the applicant has the capacity to complete the law and business program. All students in the combined program must complete a minimum of 41 credit hours of graduate coursework in business. The School of Business follows the Graduate School regulation in requiring a 3.0 cumulative grade point average for all coursework counted toward a master's degree. The School of Law requires a 2.0 cumulative grade point average for all coursework counted toward the J.D. degree.

Degree Requirements

Credit Hours Required: For JD For MBA
Law courses required of all JD candidates 43 0
Law courses required of all joint degree candidates 21 9
Business courses required of joint degree candidates 14 41
Elective courses   - -
Minimum credit hours required 90 50

J.D. Requirements

Law courses required of all J.D. candidates:

First Year
Course Credit hours
Law 804 Civil Procedure 4
Law 806 Intro. to Constitutional Law 4
Law 809 Contracts 4
Law 814 Criminal Law 4
Law 820 Lawyering Skills I 2
Law 821 Lawyering Skills II 3
Law 826 Property 4
Law 831 Torts I 4
Upper Class
3 courses from among the following:
Law 865 Business Associations I 3
Law 892 Business Organizations 4
Law 881 Conflict of Laws 3
Law 878 Criminal Procedure 3
Law 909 Family Law 3
Law 845 Jurisdiction 3
Law 837 Contracts II/ UCC Sales 3
Law 873 Commercial Law: Secured Transactions 3
Law 996 Trusts and Estates 4
Law 908 Evidence 3

Law 972 Professional Responsibility 
Must be completed by the time a student finishes 60 hours.


 In addition to all JD/MBA program course requirements, students must satisfy the Upper-Level Writing Intensive Course Requirements and the Experiential course requirements.

Law courses required of all joint degree candidates
Course Credit hours
Law 913 Federal Income Taxation    3 
Law 855 Taxation of Business Enterprises    3
Law 865 Business Associations I and   3 
Law 866 Business Associations II OR   3 
Law 892 Business Organizations   4
Law 873 Commercial Law: Secured Transactions    3 
And 3 of the following courses:
Law 850 Administrative Law    3 
Law 864 Advanced International Trade Law    3 
Law 858 Agriculture Law and Contemporary Food Production and Safety Issues   1
Law 863 Antitrust Law    3 
Law 853 Banking Law   2
Law 889 Bankruptcy    3 
Law 868 Business Planning Seminar    3 
Law 874 Commercial Law: Payment Systems   3
Law 872 Commercial Arbitration    3
Law 869 Contract Drafting   3
Law 888 Copyright Law & Digital Works    3
Law 930 Corporate Finance   3
Law 893 Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and the Law   3
Law 828 Deals   2
Law 835 Due Diligence in Business Transactions   2
Law 903 Employment Discrimination Law    3 
Law 925 Employment Law    3
Law 905 Environmental Law    3 
Law 906 Estate Planning: Principles   3 
Law 907 Estate Planning: Practice    3 
Law 915 Federal Tax Procedure    2
Law 917 Government Control of Land Development    2
Law 926 Insurance    3
Law 968 Intellectual Property    4 
Law 945 International Commerce and Investment    3 
Law 944 International Trade Law    3 
Law 939 Labor Law    4
Law 941 Land Transactions    2 
Law 947 Mergers and Acquisitions   2
Law 971 Product Liability    3
Law 986 Securities Regulation    3 
For a total of at least: 21 credits

MBA requirements

Semester 1
Course Credit hours
DSCI 810 Statistics and Decision Tools 3
MGMT 810 Managing People 3
ACCT 810 Accounting and Financial Management 4
MKTG 810 Marketing Management 3
BE 810 Managerial Economics 3
BUS 810 Enrichment Activity 1
BUS 801 Professional Skills Development 0.5
Total credits: 17.5
Semester 2
FIN 820 Macroeconomics and Financial Markets 3
SCM 820 Operations and Supply Chain Management 3
IBUS 820 International Business 3
MGMT 820 Business Law and Ethics 3
BUS 801 Professional Development Skills 0.5
BUS 810 Application and Integration Course 1
And choice of:
MSCM 820 Marketing Intelligence 3
FIN 821 Business Investment and Valuation 3
Total credits: 16.5
BUS 825 MBA Internship 1
Total credits: 1
Semester 3
MGMT 830 Global Strategic Management 3
Choice of:  
MGMT 831 Consulting Practicum 3
ENTR 830 New Venture Practicum 3
MGMT 895 Graduate Seminar in Management 3
Total credits: 6

Typical Program Format

  Law School Business School Total
First Year 29 0 29
Second Year 0 35 35
Third Year 24* 6 30
Fourth Year 23 0 23
Total Credit Earned 76 41 117
Law Credit Allowed - 9 9
Business Credit Allowed 14 - 14
Total Credit Allowed - -  
Total Credit Required 90 50 140

*Must include Professional Responsibility.