Middle East expert says much still to learn about latest Saudi crackdown

"A Middle East expert at the University of Kansas believes there is still much to learn about the latest crackdown on corruption in Saudi Arabia. 'Over the weekend, a large number, several dozen senior businesspersons and Royal Family members were arrested and charged with corruption,' said Raj Bhala, the Brennesein Distinguished Professor at the University of Kansas Law School, and a Senior Advisor at Dentons. 'Their finances and their business transactions have violated one or the other laws, from tax evasion to money laundering to disclosure.

Fourth round of NAFTA negotiations set for mid-October

"The fourth of seven planned rounds of talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement is scheduled to start Oct. 11 in the United States.


Generally speaking, the business community would be very much against withdrawal, said Raj Bhala, an international trade law expert, Brenneisen Distinguished Professor at University of Kansas Law School and senior adviser for law firm Dentons U.S. LLP.

Middle East expert says women driving will have economic impact in Saudi Arabia

"Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has issued a decree allowing women to drive for the first time. This is big news in a traditionally conservative Kingdom.

'It’s a very significant development,' said Raj Bhala, the Brennesein Distinguished Professor at the University of Kansas Law School, and a Senior Advisor at Dentons. 'What it means, first, in the most technical way, is that the Saudi government will start issuing driver’s licenses to women in June of 2018. Technically, they were allowed to drive, but the government was not issuing the licenses, so, in fact, they could not drive.'

An American Perspective on NAFTA’s Past, Present, and Future

During this webinar, Raj discusses the following areas:

Origins and Visions for NAFTA — the 1989 Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, Mexican instability, and North American integration.

Effects of NAFTA – production and consumption gains, impact on trade balances and employment, and income inequality.

Renegotiating NAFTA – sensitive agricultural and industrial sectors, expanding NAFTA beyond goods trade to services, IP, government procurement, and dispute settlement procedures.

Trump's Promise to Leave NAFTA Looks Like Another Empty Threat

"The president reaffirmed one of his most controversial campaign promises when he said, again, that he wanted to kill the North American Free Trade Agreement. 


Ending NAFTA, in fact, could ultimately do more harm to the US than to its neighbors, said Raj Bhala, a Rice distinguished professor at the University of Kansas and senior adviser for the law firm Dentons US LLP.


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