Berkman Klein Center announces 2020-21 community

Associate Professor Najarian Peters was selected as a returning faculty associate with the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University for the 2020-21 academic year. 

Incoming fellows are joined by new faculty associates and affiliates with experience working in companies, organizations, and academic institutions around the globe. These community members form and strengthen the bonds of the growing BKC network of people who bring a broad range of backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives. 

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Chinese actions around pandemic undermine trust between Brussels and Beijing

On the verge of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, which led all countries to rethink the location of key national security industries, the trade war entered a new phase. The pandemic has caused, at least ostensibly, the EU-China summit planned by the German European Presidency not to take place. But a wildcard event took place - a videoconference at a time when both Beijing and Brussels were waiting for the election in the United States.

Biden’s trade goals in a Trump-altered world: Peace and sustainability

The previous ‘On Point’ column identified a core issue the world trading system is asking: if the Joe Biden - Kamala Harris ticket prevails in the November elections, what will U.S. trade policy look like? That column suggested the manner and style of the approach a Biden administration could take, to rebuild widespread consensus and reintroduce integrity that comes with plain-speaking.

Legal Questions Circle SEC’s 13F Plan

More than 2,000 individuals have answered the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)'s request for comments on a new proposal that would raise the reporting threshold for 13F forms from $100 million to $3.5 billion. (A 13F form is a publicly filed tax form on which investment managers of a certain size must report all their equity holdings every quarter.)

The proposal, which would eliminate the filing requirement for roughly 90% of investment managers that currently must file, is highly controversial, to say the least.

Moving from punishment to rehabilitation trickles down to save our community

[Editor’s Note: As we asked what the city looks like moving forward, and how we fix some of the largest problems facing our community, we thought it prudent to ask the person most directly tasked with overcoming those pitfalls: Mayor Quinton Lucas. The Pitch and our columnists have our own opinions on what should be done, but none of us sit in a position to discuss what could actually come to be in the years to come.

Biden’s trade tools in a Trump-altered world: Consensus and integrity

Across America and around the globe, businesses, governments, international organisations, and academic institutions are wondering what U.S. trade policy would look like under a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration. So, far, there’s not much direct or circumstantial evidence. Foreign policy accounted for under 3% of Biden’s Aug. 20 Democratic National Convention speech and was absent from Senator Harris’ speech the previous evening. The Democratic Platform is bromidic on trade. 


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