Lawrence’s Kmart distribution center still has hope, thanks to latest twist in bankruptcy case

Kmart — and its approximately 300 local jobs — is still kicking.

Sears Holdings Corp., which is the parent company for both Sears and Kmart, agreed Tuesday to consider a revised takeover bid that would stave off a complete shutdown of Sears and Kmart stores across the country. The mega bankruptcy case has major Lawrence implications because Kmart operates a Lawrence distribution center that historically has employed about 300 people and paid more than half a million dollars a year in local property taxes.

Trump’s China trade war is a battle for Soros’ open society

Regardless of whether, how, and when the United States and China resolve their commercial differences, the U.S.-China trade war is best understood as a battle in a broad, deep conflict – an Open Society War. None other than the thoughtful investor, George Soros, and his intellectual mentor, the renowned philosopher, Karl Popper, suggest this characterisation. Popper wrote The Open Society and Its Enemies in 1945, while at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and joined the London School of Economics, where Soros was his student.

Trial lawyer, former AG calls ineffective counsel claim ‘laughable’ at hearing for Eudora woman convicted of murdering baby

In an effort to get a new trial, a Eudora woman convicted last summer of murdering a baby is arguing that her trial lawyer bungled the case.

That lawyer happens to have one of the most robust resumes in the state. Paul Morrison is a former Kansas attorney general and an 18-year Johnson County district attorney who’s dealt with hundreds of murder cases in his nearly 40-year law career, including some of the state’s most notorious.

When is Louis Theroux's 'the night in question' on TV? This new BBC documentary sounds important

Louis Theroux is a film-making legend. Whether he is being blindfolded and fed at a sensual eating party or attending a BBQ with a group of self-confessed Nazis, the documentarian leaves no stone unturned. Theroux's not afraid of difficult subjects, having covered eating disorders, assisted dying, and the sex industry, to name a few. As if he didn’t give us enough premium content back in 2018 with the series Altered States, he is back with something new. But when does Louis Theroux’s The Night In Question start?

U.S. Supreme Court mulls Kansas inmate's appeal regarding insanity defense

An appeal filed by a Kansas man on death row has caught the attention of the U.S. Supreme Court and could change how Kansas and other states prosecute people who commit crimes while mentally ill.

Nobody disputes that James Kahler murdered four family members in 2009. But Kahler’s attorneys argued at trial and in subsequent appeals that he had spiraled into a mental health crisis in the months preceding the murders and was psychotic during the attack. The murders took place in Burlingame, about 30 miles south of Topeka.

New curriculum brings groundbreaking coursework to KU Law

University of Kansas law professor Andrew Torrance launched a legal analytics course last semester, allowing law students to set themselves apart in the workforce and think critically in real world situations.

“The law deals with every aspect of society, and increasingly numbers, statistics, data, especially big, big data, artificial intelligence — these approaches are becoming the favored way to interpret the world, including in the context of the law,” Torrance said.

Torrance's legal analytics course focuses on basic statistics and data analysis in law.


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