KU Law professor sees Kobach contempt order as ‘not especially common’, says underlying restrictions will likely stay past his term

Lou Mulligan comments on the contempt order issued against Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. '“To get this contempt order, the plaintiffs had to show that the court had issued an order, that the defendant knew of the order and that the defendant disobeyed the order,” said Lumen “Lou” Mulligan, Director of the Shook, Hardy & Bacon Center for Excellence in Advocacy at the University of Kansas.'

Two separate cases at center of U.S.-China trade tiff, professor says

"An expert on international trade law spoke to us earlier this week prior to the official announcements by the U.S. and China of the products that are part of the trade conflict that is ongoing. 'There are two separate cases going on,' said Raj Bhala, the Brennesein Distinguished Professor at the University of Kansas Law School, and a Senior Advisor at Dentons. 'One is a case that the United States has brought on steel and aluminum under section 232 of the Trade Act of 1962.

The Myth of Autonomy

"Lua Kamal Yuille, assistant professor of law at the University of Kansas, studies autonomy and the law. She says the idea we can live our own lives without help is not based in reality. She talked to us during a visit to the University of Arkansas campus."

How trade wars and other keys are fought to understand the increase in tariffs on steel and aluminum imported by the United States signed by Donald Trump

"Raj Bhala, a professor at the University of Kansas (United States) specialized in international trade legislation, explains that the ways in which the countries involved in these disputes act depend on the scope of the m

Steel, Aluminium, and the New Trade War

"‘Trade War’ The term strikes fear into the hearts of globalists. They think of the tit-for-tat retaliatory tariff hikes in the late-1920s and early-1930s that exacerbated the Great Depression in the United States. The term is a just crusade for the dislocated. They demand their jobs back from foreign countries that have traded unfairly. ‘Trade war’ has no official definition. But, make no mistake: with its Section 232 action, slapping 25 percent tariffs on steel and 10 percent tariffs on aluminum, America confirmed it has launched one.


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