Trade debate compares international policies

In an effort to educate students on important global issues in the weeks before Election Day, the Maurice A. Deane School of Law hosted a United States Trade Policy debate between Raj Bhala, professor of law at the University of Kansas, and Michael Stumo, chief executive officer for the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA), on Thursday, Oct. 4, in the School of Law’s Siben Moot Courtroom.

Speaker: Government not protecting Native Americans, tribes

Elizabeth Kronk Warner said crime is higher in Indian Country and the federal government isn’t doing enough to stop it.

Warner spoke to a full room at the K-State Student Union Ballroom Monday for Indigenous Peoples' Day. The university held the program as opposed to Columbus Day activities for the third year. This year, the theme was “Indigenous Female Leadership: Disrupting Dominant Discourse.”

Judge dismisses Wichita shooting suit, says jury could have found cops used excessive force

Wichita police killed a 23-year-old man running away from a club in the city’s Old Town entertainment district six years ago after someone fired a gun into a crowd at closing time.

The officers who chased Marquez Smart on March 10, 2012, believed he was the shooter, followed him and shot at him, hitting him five times from behind.

Others say Smart was innocent, trying to escape bullets and chaos like everyone else when he was wrongly gunned down.

Trump’s “Principled Realism” versus China’s belt and road initiative

Lost amidst the comedic moments in President Donald Trump’s September 25 address to the United Nations General Assembly was a concept, “principled realism,” and a context, American foreign assistance in a world presented with China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

This concept, and how it is manifest in this context, is no laughing matter. It will determine whether America offers the world a better path of economic growth and development than China.

Analysis: What's next for Indian Hills

The allegations against Indian Hills Community College’s baseball program are in a gray area of immigration law, but are serious, experts say. That they occurred under President Donald Trump’s new era of immigration policy could factor into what comes of them.

The Daily Iowegian reported, citing five former players, that head coach Cam Walker and assistant coach Steve Kletke were removed from the program in May after an internal investigation was conducted by the college.

Opinion: Confirming Judge Kavanaugh will do lasting damage

An Open Letter to Senators Moran and Roberts:

As a professor of constitutional law, I normally strive to be nonpartisan and avoid taking positions on Supreme Court nominations. I will make an exception in this case. Each of you recently announced that you will vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Please reconsider. Confirming Judge Kavanaugh will do lasting damage to the Supreme Court’s legitimacy as a nonpartisan and impartial arbiter of the law. Without that legitimacy, the Court cannot uphold the rule of law.

Local expert says ‘new NAFTA’ trade deal good for metro’s economy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One local expert says, for local farmers and auto workers, there’s a lot to like in the so-called "new NAFTA."

“It’s not bad news,” said Raj Bhala with the University of Kansas. “It’s not bad news at all.”

President Trump announced the new trade agreement, called the United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement (USMCA), late Sunday night.


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