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Newsletter - May 2019

During the past year, the KU Law Admissions Office has traveled all over the country to meet students, and students from all over the country have traveled here to visit us. The results are exciting as students from 16 different states and 53 undergraduate institutions will be joining us.

So what should you be doing right now? Honestly, it is surprisingly easy to get ready for law school. Except for a few items (housing!), you can mostly relax and enjoy the summer. Once you have soaked up enough sunshine, start thinking about the following items:


Apartments are pretty easy to find in Lawrence, but you will want to have this nailed down by mid- to late June. If you are from out of town, there are plenty of resources available to help you find housing on our Housing and Child Care web page. Our Class of 2022 Facebook page is also a great place to post and find roommate listings. 

Financial Aid

You should have already met with or spoken to the Financial Aid Office to make sure your loans are in order. If you have been awarded a scholarship, it may not post until late July or early August. But rest assured it will be there.

Second Deposit Due June 15th

Please make sure to submit your second deposit by the June 15 deadline. You can find the online deposit form on our Admitted Students Portal.


Please note that if you are moving here from another state to attend KU Law, residency for tuition purposes may be difficult to achieve. Merely living here for 12 months will not provide a basis for residency.  Registering to vote in Kansas, obtaining a Kansas driver's license, etc. are a minimum requirement for being a Kansas resident, but they do not provide a basis on their own. Below are a few pointers on residency:

  • If you have lived in Kansas all your life, you should definitely qualify for Kansas residency provided you live in Kansas now.
  • If you are a Kansas native but have lived in another state to attend college or work, you must have lived a minimum of 12 of the previous 60 months in Kansas, must establish a Kansas residence and must get your driver's license, etc.
  • For nearly all military veterans or current service members, you will be able to receive the Kansas tuition rate, so long as you establish Kansas residency. We will send an email shortly with this information.
  • If you are not a Kansas native, there are a few limited ways to gain residency, but none of them are automatic. For example, registered members of Native American tribes may qualify. Also, if you are married and your spouse is "recruited or transferred" to work in Kansas, you may qualify. Marriage to a Kansan, home ownership and acceptance of a permanent job offer are other factors that may form a basis for the resident rate. For complete information, and to review the fee privileges brochure, please visit the Registrar's residency webpage.

Finally, if you are unsure if you qualify for the resident tuition rate, you may request a determination from the Registrar's Office. Contact information is available on their website.


The new fall fashions are in, and they all say KU Law! Fill out this form so we can know your size and mailing address. 

Join the Class of 2022 Facebook Group

If you are not a member of our Facebook group, please join now as we will be using it to post important updates and news.

To see who read this far, another trivia question: How many students from Texas are in the incoming class? First to post the correct answer on the Facebook page wins a Chipotle gift card (one guess per person). 

Classes and Book Lists

While we can tell you which courses you will be taking - Lawyering I, Torts, Civil Procedure and Contracts - course schedules and section assignments are not made until mid- to late July. We will notify everyone when the assignments are made, and you will find your class schedule on the Enroll & Pay system. Book lists will be available shortly thereafter.

See You August 22!

Once again, we're thrilled that you will be joining us this fall and look forward to seeing you August 22. Even better, join us for a night before social event hosted by our Dean's Fellows - details to come.  Our mission this summer is to make the process as stress-free as possible. Please call, email us or post in the Facebook group any time you have a question or concern - or even just to say hi!