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Recent Developments in the Law CLE

Make plans now to join your colleagues and legal experts for

Recent Developments in the Law
May 22–23, 2019 | Lawrence, Kansas

Learn about the latest developments in a wide range of practice areas while earning CLE hours in Kansas and Missouri. 15 hours CLE are pending approval in Kansas and Missouri. 

The program will take place at the University of Kansas School of Law, Green Hall, 1535 W. 15th Street, Lawrence, Kansas.

Registration opens mid-March. 

Day One | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

8 - 8:50 am Legal Writing Update
Pamela Keller, Clinical Professor and Lawyering Skills Director, KU School of Law

In this hour, Professor Keller will discuss ways to improve your persuasive writing. She will review current research on persuasive techniques and provide specific tips and take-aways that you can immediately incorporate into your law practice.
10-Minute Break
9 - 9:50 am The Shifting Framework for Consumer Law
Andrew Muller, Partner, Stinson Leonard Street; Adjunct Professor, KU School of Law

This session will explore how recent trends have shifted the development of consumer law away from the legislative space and moved increasingly toward a regulatory and litigation framework for new and existing areas of consumer law. Competing policy and political interests do not always move development in the same direction. This session explore how some federal and state actors and agencies sometimes work at cross purposes and what practitioners can do to stay ahead of this seemingly increasing tug-of-war.
10-Minute Break
10 - 10:50 am Recent Developments in Energy Law
Uma Outka, Professor of Law, KU School of Law

Energy law is evolving as renewable energy and other energy innovations become increasingly important to the electric power sector in Kansas and across the US. This CLE session will survey recent case law and other legal developments related to state-federal jurisdiction, corporate demand for clean power, state renewable energy mandates, distributed electricity generation, energy efficiency, energy storage, and more.
10-Minute Break
11 - 11:50 am Land Descriptions: Some Methods, Some Errors
John Peck, Connell Teaching Professor of Law, KU School of Law

Professor Peck will review the basic methods used to describe real estate in legal documents, including metes and bounds, government survey, angular, and plat description. He will describe some cases and situations involving errors in descriptions made by lawyers, judges, surveyors, and others, and the consequences of those errors.
1 - 1:50 pm Recent Developments in U.S. and Global Privacy and Security Laws
Laura Clark Fey, Principal, Fey LLC

Throughout the world, legislators regularly update privacy and security laws in an (arguably futile) attempt to keep pace with changes in technology. In this presentation, Laura Clark Fey (KU Law School graduate and Privacy Law Specialist (IAPP), CIPP/US, CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP) of Fey LLC, a boutique global data privacy law firm, will discuss significant developments in privacy and security laws in the U.S. and abroad. She will explain the impact of these developments, project future trends, and provide recommendations for complying with challenging and ever-changing privacy and security laws.
10-Minute Break
2 - 2:50 pm Kansas and Federal Civil Procedure Updates
Lou Mulligan, Associate Dean, Faculty and Professor, KU School of Law

This session will include a review recent statutory, rule, and case law impacting state and federal civil procedure.
10-Minute Break
3 - 3:50 pm International Commercial Transactions
John Head, Robert W. Wagstaff Distinguished Professor, KU School of Law

Lawyers advising clients engaging in cross-border sales should know that the current version of INCOTERMS (international commercial terms, from the International Chamber of Commerce) differs from earlier versions in its allocation of cost, risk, and function between sellers and buyers – and that yet another version of INCOTERMS is to be released soon. Such lawyers also should know that the Vienna Sales Convention, which automatically governs many cross-border commercial sales unless the contract specifically opts out of it, now applies to nearly all countries in the world, including the USA. This presentation will summarize these developments and why they matter.
10-Minute Break
4 - 4:50 pm The Ethics of Secretly Recording Others
Suzanne Valdez, Clinical Professor of Law, Director, Criminal Prosecution Field Placement Program, KU School of Law

This one-hour presentation will explore the ethics of recording conversations with witnesses, opposing counsel, and clients. The session will briefly cover state wiretapping laws and then delve into the ethical rules and ABA ethics opinions that pertain to the duty of loyalty we owe our clients, as well as the obligation we have not to engage in dishonestly or misrepresentation with others.

Day Two | Thursday, May 23, 2019

8 - 8:50 am Recent Developments in Constitutional Law: The New Supreme Court?
Rick Levy, J.B. Smith Distinguished Professor of Constitutional Law, KU School of Law

Professor Levy will discuss how the appointment of Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh is likely to affect the United States Supreme Court’s constitutional jurisprudence. Topics for discussion include not only hot-button issues (such as abortion, affirmative action, and LGBTQ the rights), but also possible implications for the modern administrative state and the Court’s approach to constitutional interpretation.
10-Minute Break
9 - 9:50 am Criminal Procedure and Law: The Year in Review
Elizabeth Cateforis, Clinical Professor, Supervising Attorney, Project for Innocence & Post-Conviction Remedies, KU School of Law

Professor Rosenberg and Adjunct Instructor Aguilera will review recent case law and regulatory developments in labor, employment, and employment discrimination law.
10-Minute Break
10 - 10:50 pm Recent Developments in Family Law
Melanie DeRousse, Clinical Associate Professor, KU School of Law and Director, Douglas County Legal Aid

In this session, Professor DeRousse will review selected recent Kansas and federal cases covering child custody, adoption, property division, child welfare, and more. She will discuss recent acts and attempts by the legislature to create and amend laws affecting Kansas families, and she will explore trends in domestic relations work across the country.
10-Minute Break
11 - 11:50 pm What’s Bubbling Up in Oil, Gas and Mineral Law?
Joe Schremmer, Depew Gillen Rathbun & McInteer; Adjunct Professor, KU School of Law

Joe Schremmer will survey the state of oil and gas industry and discuss significant developments in oil, gas and mineral law in Kansas and elsewhere. The presentation will include discussion of noteworthy cases involving the rule against perpetuities and subsurface trespass.
1 - 1:50 pm Recent Developments in Statutory Interpretation
Judge Steve Leben, Kansas Court of Appeals; Adjunct Professor, KU School of Law

This program will cover the six sources that can be used to determine statutory meaning while focusing on recent cases from the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, and the Kansas Supreme Court.
10-Minute Break
2 - 2:50 pm Recent Developments in Legal Ethics: 2018-2019 ABA Ethics Opinions
Michael Hoeflich, John H. & John M. Kane Distinguished Professor of Law, KU School of Law

Although in the past few years the American Bar Association Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility has been relatively quiet and they have issued few opinions, 2018-2019 has seen a flurry of extremely important ethics opinions of which every lawyer and judge should know. Among these are opinions on a lawyer's responsibility in a disaster, a lawyer's responsibility in the event of a cyberattack, and the responsibilities of judges in regard to the performance of marriage ceremonies for gay couples. Professor Hoeflich will discuss these and other opinions and put them into context.
10-Minute Break
3 - 3:50 pm The State of SOGI Law
Kyle Velte, Associate Professor, KU School of Law

Professor Velte will discuss the current status of state and federal law regarding sexual orientation and gender identity (“SOGI”), as well as what's on the legal horizon for the LGBTQ+ community. Topics will include employment discrimination, religious exemptions from antidiscrimination laws, and Title IX.


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