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Reunion Weekend Attendees

Your friends are already registered for KU Law Reunion Weekend. Add your name to the list by completing your RSVP today.

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Please follow the link to RSVP and pay for your respective dinner.

Class of 1972
Class of 1982
Class of 1987
Class of 1992
Class of 2002

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Class of 2002 and guests
Carrie Allton
Steve Allton
Melissa Coleman Bagley
Robert Bagley
Chad Bellquist
Diane Bellquist
Kimberly Klemme Bonifas
James Bonifas
Jay Heidrick
Crystal Nesheim Johnson
Blythe Jones
Chris Jones
Michelle Meier
Stephanie Mendenhall
Allan Moore
Jennifer Riggs
Kelsey Roberts
Jennifer Sherber             
Ben Sherber
David Waters
Mandy Waters
Ellen Wingenter
Bradley Yeretsky
Emily Yeretsky

Class of 1992 and guests
Joan Archer
Lecia Chaney
Denise Drake
Rebecca Oland
Katy Regier
Chris Regier
Ken Smiley
Will Wilbanks
Jean Wise

Class of 1987 and guests
Jean Burket
Bradley Chilcoat
Jeff Fendorf      
James Holt
Karen Holt
Michele Kessler               
Phillip Laudenklos
Dennis Lloyd     
Kay Lloyd            
Donna Long       
Bob Long
Dara Trum Miles
Carolyn Parmer
David Parmer
Robin Miles       
Carol Smith        
Wayne Smith    
Tanya Treadway              
Rich Walker
Kevin Wickliffe 
Lori Wickliffe     
Bryan Wright     
Connie Wright  

Class of 1982 and guests
Karen Arnold-Burger     
Kurt Burger        
Doug Edmonds
Pam Vignatelli  
Shawna Gehres               
Tony Gehres     
Kirk Goza            
Shirley Goza      
Janette Grillot  
Timothy Grillot 
Paul Gurney
Renee Markl Gurney
Camille Hebert 
Mark Hinderks 
Mary Ann Hinderks        
Mark Knackendoffel      
Ann Knackendoffel        
Steve Leben      
Ann Warner      
Sara Lewis          
Ralph Lewis       
Anne McDonald
Robert Wilshire
Jerry Moran      
Robba Moran
Holly Nielsen
Lawton Nuss     
Kim Santos
Michael Santos
Michael Seck
David Seely
Deb Seely
Barbara Nuss    
Crista Smith       
Stan Smith         
Clyde "Butch" Tate         
Lynn Tate           
Todd Thompson
Caprice Thompson         

Class of 1972 and guests
Rick Barbee       
Dan Boulware   
Dale Boulware  
Kitty Coates
William Coates 
Mac Crowther  
Mary Crowther
Gene Deshazo
Drue Jennings  
Emily Jennings  
Thomas Kokoruda          
Polly Kokoruda 
Ralph Lewis
Sara Lewis
R.B. Miller
Holly Miller
Bob Misner
Pat Muller
Thomas Ruzicka               
Nancy Ruzicka  
Tom Shawver
Nancy Shawver
Christopher Smith          
Diane Smith

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Top 25 among public law schools — Business Insider
KU’s Project for Innocence: 2 wrongfully convicted citizens serving life sentences freed in 2015
7,700+ alumni in all 50 states, D.C., 3 U.S. territories, and 20 foreign countries
91 percent overall employment rate for Class of 2015 – top 23.3 percent nationally
23rd in the nation for most-improved employment rates
One-third of full-time faculty have written casebooks and treatises
25th nationwide for lowest debt at graduation
21st: “Best Schools for Practical Training”
77 percent of upper-level law classes have 25 or fewer students
National Champions: 2016 National Native American Law Students Association Moot Court Competition
#19 moot court program in the nation
#17 “best value” law school in the nation — National Jurist Magazine
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