Kendra Stacey - Student Ambassador

Kendra Stacey

3L | Kansas City, Kansas | Lee University | She/Her

Hello! My name is Kendra Stacey, and I am a 3L from Kansas City, Kansas. I graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee in 2002 with a degree in communications and minors in political science and biblical studies.

Even though studying law has always been a goal of mine, getting here took some time. My legal plans took a detour when my husband finished as a top 10 finalist on American Idol in 2007. I spent the past decade professionally and personally supporting his music career. I was also able to “road-school” both my daughters, so we could all be on tour together. In 2013, our family moved back to Kansas, our childhood home, in order to plant roots and serve as worship and creative arts pastors at City Center Church in Lenexa.

The thought of attending law school at this stage of life seemed daunting, but I’m so glad I did it! Initially, I was concerned about how I would fit in and how my family would handle such a drastic life change, but my fears were unfounded. Everyone at KU has been welcoming! I fit right in and instantly felt a part of this wonderful community.

Although the program is vigorous, it is flexible enough for me to still live my life outside of school. The commute is easy, and I still get to taxi my kids to theater practices and watch cheer performances.

Deciding to attend law school is such a big decision, especially for those of us who took the long way getting here. I am so glad I took the leap of faith to come to KU, and I highly encourage you to do the same. I am here to answer any questions you may have and hope to see you in Green Hall soon!

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