Sim Johal - Student Ambassador

Sim Johal

3L | Springfield, Missouri | University of Kansas | She/Her

Hi everyone! My name is Sim Johal. I am a 3L from Springfield, Missouri. I graduated from the University of Kansas with bachelor’s degrees in political science and American studies and a minor in African American studies.

I first became interested in attending law school in high school after taking a government class where I learned about some landmark cases. My interest in law school continued throughout undergrad after taking classes about the criminal justice system and constitutional law. I honestly couldn’t see myself studying anything else.

Picking a law school was a very stressful time for me. My visit to KU Law was memorable and helped me realize why I should stay in Lawrence. KU Law has a very welcoming and inclusive environment. The class sizes are small and engaging. Every day I encounter supportive classmates, professors and staff. Also, Lawrence is an amazing college town!

Please feel free to reach out to me or any other ambassadors if you have questions about KU Law or any questions about law school in general. I would love to help. Rock Chalk!

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