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Andi Silva​

1L  |  Kansas City, Kansas  |  University of Kansas  |

Hey! I’m Andi. I’m a first-generation 1L at KU Law. I was born in Mexico and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. I attended community college right after high school and then transferred to KU. I did my undergrad at the KU Edwards Campus in Olathe. I graduated with a major in law and society and a minor in public administration in May 2020.

I was a senior in high school when I knew I wanted to attend law school. The goal seemed impossible acknowledging the fact my family didn’t have the funds to put me through school. I come from a single-parent household where we struggled to make ends meet. To help with my financial need, I obtained a paralegal certificate and worked as one all throughout my undergrad. This gave me the opportunity to work with attorneys one-on-one and experience what the legal field is really like. Working as a paralegal sealed the deal for me; I knew law was my passion and had to be my profession.

I chose KU Law because of the support I received in undergrad. KU overall has great professors, great courses and an even greater student community. As a minority and a first-generation student, I have felt very welcomed and well-equipped with resources to guide me. I hope to provide that same guidance to potential students. The LSAT and law school applications are already stressful as is. I’m happy to help ease any concerns and help relieve some of that stress. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions! I’m here to help you succeed.

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