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Bria Nelson

Bria Nelson

3L  |  Woodstock, Illinois  |  Iowa State University  |

Hello! My name is Bria Nelson, and I am a 3L at the University of Kansas School of Law. I'm originally from Woodstock, Illinois but spent six years before law school in Ames and Des Moines, Iowa. I completed my undergraduate degree at Iowa State University in 2016, where I was also a cheerleader for the men's and women's basketball, football, volleyball and gymnastics teams! After graduating, I spent a year working in insurance claims followed by a year at a real estate law firm, where my interest in law school was confirmed!

When I was younger, I remember watching Legally Blonde and dreaming of being a lawyer. As I grew up, that faded. After completing my undergraduate degree, I was very confused about what I wanted to do. The corporate world wasn't for me, so I decided to work at a law firm to get some practical experience before jumping right in to law school. I was fortunate to work with some amazing attorneys who all encouraged me to pursue a career in law. 

I had never been to the state of Kansas before my first visit to KU Law! Everyone here is so great and Lawrence has become my home away from home. I have met some of my best friends and the professors are so supportive and helpful! All staff and faculty at KU Law want you to succeed. It's the perfect environment for any law student! Law school is one of the toughest endeavors I have ever encountered but KU Law will help you every step of the way! 

If you have any questions (I know I did!), please do not hesitate to ask! I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in Green Hall soon!

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