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Cortez Downey

Cortez Downey

2L  |  Edmond, OK  |  Oklahoma State University  |

Hello! My name is Cortez Downey, and I’m a 2L from Edmond, Oklahoma. In high school, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, but also really enjoyed science. At the time, I had no idea how many opportunities were available for scientists in the legal profession. In 2014, I graduated from Oklahoma State University where I double-majored in biology and Spanish.

After undergrad, I moved to Houston, Texas where I taught high school biology and worked as a college and career readiness advisor. Working with students and helping them identify and pursue their dreams inspired me to do the same for myself. After getting to know several lawyers while living in Houston, I decided I wanted to pursue my original goal of becoming a lawyer.

In choosing a law school, my top priority was to find a school that felt welcoming with a strong sense of community. Law school can be intimidating enough as it is; I’m glad I chose KU Law where I feel supported by classmates, professors and law school administration.

Leaving my previous career and moving to a new state has been a significant (and exhausting) step that I’m glad I took! I know how daunting applying to and selecting a law school can be, so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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