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Jessie Pringle

Jessie Pringle

3L  |  Chanute, KS  |  University of Kansas  |

I am Jessie Pringle, a 3L from Chanute, Kansas. I graduated from KU in 2016 with a history degree. 

As a daughter of a KU Law graduate, I grew up learning from my father’s KU Law classmates, who serve across the state as successful judges, lawyers, clerks and, most importantly, role models. Although I grew up knowing about KU Law, I was worried about having my own experience. 

Over the past two years, I have been able to find my own place at KU. I have met lifelong friends, found a career field I love and have had a lot of fun in Lawrence. While in school, I have interned for a judge, observed a Kansas legislator, worked at the KU Medical-Legal Partnership, advised as an Elder Law Extern and more. I’ve found friends and causes through organizations like Women in Law, Public Interest Society and Student Ambassadors. And in the classroom I’ve learned about topics I’m passionate about, including poverty law, fair housing, statutory interpretation, legislation and public policy.  

Law school is tough – no doubt. But, I’m glad I chose KU Law because of the people I’ve met here. I’ve had faculty turn into mentors and classmates into best friends. I know I will graduate in May with more than a law degree, but rather great memories and a supportive network. 

Please contact me or any other KU Law Student Ambassador to explore whether KU Law is the place for you!

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