Application Materials

Well-prepared application materials can make a positive first impression with potential employers. Review the resources on this page to learn how to prepare a legal resume and cover letter, draft a professional writing sample, and request references or letters of recommendation.

How to Prepare a Legal Resume

A legal resume should highlight your skills and experience. This video gives an overview of legal resumes, including formatting guidelines, an example resume and important tips to keep in mind.

1L Resume Samples and Resources

How to Prepare a Cover Letter

The purpose of a cover letter is to craft a story about how your skills, interests and qualifications make you a strong candidate for a specific organization. This video walks you through the process of writing a legal cover letter.

1L Cover Letter Samples and Resources

How to Prepare a Writing Sample

At some point in the legal job application process, you will likely be asked to submit a sample of your written work. Your goal in choosing a writing sample is to showcase your best piece of legal writing to demonstrate what you can produce for an employer. Your writing sample should be legal in nature and demonstrate your analytical reasoning/writing skills, relatively recent and relevant to the job you are seeking.

How to Prepare References and Letters of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is a letter written by a professional who can recommend an individual's work or academic performance. This video gives an overview of references and letters of recommendation, when to use each, who to ask to be your references and how to ask them.

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