Dr. Shashi Kumar

Visiting Scholar
Assistant Professor, Department of Human Rights, B B Ambedkar Univeristy
Primary office:


Dr. Shashi Kumar conducts empirical research on human rights violations against marginalized people. He explores globalization and human rights and their impact on marginalized people in India.  


Ph. D, University of Jammu, M.S. University fo Jammu, B.A. (Honors) University of Delhi, B.S. Anamalia University

Courses Taught

  •  Human Rights Law in India
  • Human Rights- Issues and Challenges 
  • Human Rights Movement and Ideology in India
  • Human Rights of Marginalized Sections- Dalits and Indigenous People 
  • International Human Rights 
  • Globalization and Human Rights Movement 
  • Legal Research Methodology 

Selected Publications

  • Women's Empowerment and Status of Dalit Women: Challenges and Solutions in Manab Adhikar: Nai Dhyshayan, vol, 10, 2012 ISSN 0973-7588
  • Ambedkars' Political Philosophy: Views on Democracy and Human Rights, in Azad Academic Journal, Journal April-June, 2010 ISSN 0973-3825
  • Social Exclusion and Denial of Human Rights of Indian Tribes, in Indian Journal of Human Rights Studies, vol. 1, issue 1, Jan-Feb, 2011