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Fall 2020 Green Hall Building Guide

Updated on August 31, 2020 at 9:45 a.m.

This building guide provides policies and protocols specific to law students, faculty and staff returning to Green Hall. For the latest news on university policies, visit protect.ku.edu.

Table of contents:

Health and Safety

The law school will follow guidelines outlined in the university's Protect KU Plan. Visit protect.ku.edu for the most detailed and up-to-date campuswide policies.

Health assessment

KU students, faculty and staff will use the CVKey symptom checker app this fall for entry into campus buildings. You will be required to complete a health assessment on the app each day before coming to campus. If your answers meet the required health status the app will generate a QR code for you to scan at building entrances. You need to scan the QR code every time you enter Green Hall at the two kiosk entrances (first floor double-door entrance and second floor 15th St. entrance). If you choose not to use the CVKey app, you will be required to print off and complete a paper health assessment form each day and carry it with you while on campus.

Mask requirement

Masks or face coverings are required in Green Hall. KU announced a finalized face mask policy on Aug. 17. All faculty, staff, students, affiliates, visitors, vendors and volunteers must wear a face mask over one's mouth and nose when in common areas anywhere on campus. This includes all areas of Green Hall – classrooms, hallways, library, common areas, study carrels, shared office space, reception areas, stairwells, etc. Masks are not required in an individual’s personal, self-contained office.

Testing and tracing

Students, faculty and staff who will be attending in-person classes or working on campus will be required to obtain a COVID-19 test if they expect to be on campus before Sept. 7. KU is providing a COVID-19 saliva test for all students, faculty and staff before the start of fall classes. Learn more and sign up for a testing appointment at protect.ku.edu/testing.

Contact tracing is voluntary and will be conducted solely through Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health.

Sanitizing supplies, cleaning and physical distancing

Hand-sanitizing stations are located near all the elevators in Green Hall. Disinfecting stations/supplies are available on each floor of the library near study rooms and large study areas.

Disinfecting wipes will be available in every classroom and near computing and printing stations in the Law Library. Students should wipe down their learning space upon arrival to class. Students should also wipe down printer touchpads and keyboards in the library.

The custodial department will focus on common/shared areas of Green Hall. This includes disinfecting high touch areas (light switches, elevator buttons, door handles, etc.) multiple times a day and disinfecting restrooms twice a day.

Classrooms, library seating, shared student office areas and common areas throughout the building have been reconfigured to reduce capacity and ensure social distancing. You will find chairs stacked on couches or tucked out of the way. DO NOT move the furniture. 

Noncompliance with masks and other safety protocols

We trust and expect students to protect others and themselves by adhering to the safety protocols required by the Protect KU Pledge and university policy. Wearing a face mask, maintaining appropriate distance from others and complying with capacity requirements are critical to the safety and well-being of the Green Hall community.

Violations of the mask policy by students in classrooms will be treated as academic misconduct. If you see others who are not wearing a mask as advised, the university has created a central form at unmasked.ku.edu to report a person or group on campus for not complying with COVID-19 health and safety requirements.

Returning to Green Hall

Green Hall will be open during the fall semester in accordance with Wheat Law Library hours. To allow for enhanced cleaning, students will not be permitted in the building after hours.

There are two designated points of entry for Green Hall: the second floor front entrance/15th St. circle drive and the first floor double door/airlock entry. Students wishing to enter the building will use one of these access points.

Building access

Prior to entering Green Hall (even on weekends), students, faculty and staff must complete a daily health assessment using the CVKey mobile app. Green Hall will be locked on weekends. Students accessing the building in accordance with Library hours on Saturdays and Sundays must enter through the second floor front entrance/15th street circle drive using the newly installed KU ID card reader. You will need to have your KU ID with you to enter the building on weekends.

Traffic flow and elevator use

Directional signs are posted in Green Hall to ensure traffic flows in one direction. Central staircases are marked “up” and perimeter staircases are marked “down.” Elevators will be single occupancy. Students are encouraged to use the stairs. Watch the Green Hall Building Tour video to walk through the new protocols.

Common areas, shared office space and food

Common areas throughout the building and library have been reconfigured to reduce capacity and ensure social distancing. DO NOT move or reconfigure furniture. Students should refrain from congregating or hanging out in common areas and should leave the building when not otherwise in class or when they cannot otherwise socially distance in the building.

Because masks or face coverings must be worn over one’s mouth and nose in hallways, shared offices and all other common/shared areas, eating food in these areas in Green Hall is not be permitted. Use of communal microwaves, coffee makers, bottled water dispensers and other small appliances is not permitted. The kitchenette area in the first-floor commons will not be accessible to students. Shared small appliances in student clinic space, student publications space and other student offices are not permitted.

Water fountains in Green Hall will be turned off or taped off, but the touchless water bottle filling station on the first-floor commons will remain operational.


To reduce contact with restroom door handles, magnetic hold opens will be installed on the first-floor restrooms. Please do not disengage the magnets. Restrooms on the second floor have automatic door openers that may be engaged with an elbow tap. Magnetic fire hold opens will be added to restrooms on three and five.


Green Hall classrooms have been reconfigured to allow for physical distancing. Chairs have been removed and seating has been spaced. Fixed seating in 106 is labeled with red/green signs to designate socially distanced/available seats. Additional desk seating is added to some classrooms. The added tablet seats will be adjacent to a second tablet that can serve as additional surface space for books and materials.

Updated room capacities will be posted on each classroom door.

All classrooms that have in-person classes scheduled for this fall will have rolling plexiglass 3-sided barriers in them at the instruction table. All classrooms, except for the Courtroom on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, will be closed/locked at 6 p.m. to allow custodial services sufficient time to clean and disinfect.

Faculty and administrative offices

Many law school services will operate remotely this fall. An overview of operations and contact information is available on the Fall 2020 Information and Resources page. The schedule will be updated as needed throughout the semester.

Academics and Student Study

A full outline of fall course formats is available at law.ku.edu/enrollment. Students, you are welcome to reach out to professors directly if you have questions about the format for a specific course.

Students should plan to bring their laptops to all in-person classes.


Fall final exams will be administered remotely. Information about specific exams is available at law.ku.edu/exams. Faculty may decide to incorporate more interim assessments rather than relying on the final exam to determine a student's grade.

Grading policy and honor code

The traditional grading policy will be in place during the fall semester. Students will be subject to honor code consequences if they violate the terms of a professor’s exam instructions.

Spaces for studying and remote participation

Unscheduled classrooms in Green Hall will be available for students to use for remote participation in classes. Information about room availability will be posted on classroom doors and in the glass cases on the second floor. View a printable schedule at law.ku.edu/enrollmentStudy space is also available in two outdoor tents near Green Hall.

Wheat Law Library

The library will have several revised policies and operating procedures for all users. Please be sure to routinely visit the law library webpage this semester, as hours and many other policy details are subject to change.

Access and general policies

In-person access to the Wheat Law Library is restricted to KU students, faculty and staff during the fall semester. 

Socially distanced in-person consultations will typically require advance notice. Students are encouraged to use virtual service requests via Microsoft Teams and Zoom whenever possible. Contact lawref@ku.edu for more information.

Study rooms and study carrels

All study rooms will be single occupancy and available by reservation only. Contact the law library at lawref@ku.edu or visit the Circulation Desk for additional information. Spray disinfectant is located in areas close to the study rooms and students should wipe down the study area before and after use. The law library is also offering assistance coordinating virtual study rooms via Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Email lawref@ku.edu for more information.

A reduced number of study carrels are available. Multiple students will be assigned to each carrel with limited blocks of time. Review the Fall 2020 Study Carrel policy for more information. To accommodate students without an assigned study carrel, a limited number of carrels will be available each week, with new reservations available on Friday mornings. Email lawref@ku.edu for more information.

Computers, printing, scanning and photocopying

A reduced number of computers will be available. Computers must be disinfected with the provided cleaning materials after each use. Student printing, photocopying and scanning are available on the second and third floors of the library. More information on these services is available on the law library webpage.

Checking out printed materials

The law library stacks are closed. Book checkouts should be done using the "Retrieve from Shelf" feature found in the online catalog. Library staff will retrieve the requested item and send a notification when it is ready for pick-up at the Circulation Desk. More information will be posted on the student library services webpage.

Student Events and Activities

All law student organizations and groups must conduct all meetings and activities virtually for the fall semester. Students will not be permitted to reserve classroom space for meetings, programs or other activities. Students are encouraged to use Microsoft Teams to conduct online activities.


A limited number of student lockers will be available. They will be restricted to individual use.

Shared student office space

Students must adhere to health and safety protocols when using any shared office space, including wearing masks and complying with physical distancing. Furniture has been reconfigured to reduce capacity and ensure physical distancing in shared offices.

KU Law Resources: Fall 2020

Building Access

Green Hall will be open in accordance with Wheat Law Library hours for the fall semester. In-person access to the law library is restricted to KU students, faculty and staff.

Law School Resources

Information about KU Law operations will be updated at law.ku.edu/fall-2020. Additional resources include: