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Fall 2020 Resources for Students

Updated on August 24, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.

Learning and studying

Please review the resources below and make sure you have access to these services:

KU IT provides a diverse range of technology support for KU students through its customer service center. KU IT is also offering technology lending programs during the fall 2020 semester. Learn more at help.ku.edu/technology.

Additional university resources are available in the “studying” section of remote.ku.edu.

KU Law Student Emergency Fund

In an effort to make sure an unforeseen circumstance doesn’t prevent a student from continuing on to graduation, the University of Kansas School of Law has established the Student Emergency Fund. The fund provides one-time grants of up to $500 to students in need of emergency financial assistance. Grants do not need to be repaid. Students can apply for assistance by contacting Leah Terranova at leaht@ku.edu or sending her a completed application form. Gift cards to Dillons or other grocery stores are also available for students struggling with food insecurity. Please contact Leah Terranova to obtain a card.

KU Law Student Emergency Fund Application (PDF)

Student support

Legal databases and study guides

KU Law students enjoy remote access to numerous electronic legal research databases covering a wide range of resources and subjects. Visit the law library's Legal Databases page to access those services. Most databases can be accessed off-campus using your KU Online ID.

KU Law students also have remote access to numerous law librarian-curated Research & Study Guides. These carefully tailored resources cover numerous areas of law and provide information on topics of interest to law students. Recent additions include:

KU Law Resources: Fall 2020

Building Access

Green Hall will be open in accordance with Wheat Law Library hours for the fall semester. In-person access to the law library is restricted to KU students, faculty and staff.

Law School Resources

Information about KU Law operations will be updated at law.ku.edu/fall-2020. Additional resources include: