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Free speech battle heats up

Craig Andres
Friday, January 10, 2014

KU Law professor Raj Bhala weighed in on the Kansas Board of Regents' new social media policy for university employees. 

Craig Andres wrote: 

"The Kansas Board of Regents recently announced that speech by University employees that is a detriment to the functions of the University, could be cause for discipline.

 . . . 

Now, some professors say the Kansas Board of Regents policy could have a chill on free speech. In fact, some say they wonder if they could be disciplined or even fired for talking to the media.

'Even having this conversation, if could come within, potentially, the Board of Regents policy,' says KU Law Professor Raj Bhala. 'Of course, I am speaking strictly to you on a personal level now. I am not acting as a representative of the university in this conversation.'"