Haiming Qi

Visiting Scholar
Associate Professor, Kunming University of Science and Technology
Primary office:


Haiming Qi studies legal issues pertaining to the protection of natural resources. Her work at KU Law focuses on natural resources property and liability arrangements, U.S. natural resources protection, and natural resources damage and compensation.


Yunnan University School of Law, 1997; Minzu University of China Department of Law, 1995.


  • Labor Law
  • Natural Resources Law
  • Bank and Financial Law

Selected Publications

On Legal Protection of Peasant Environment Interests in View of Social Transition, Journal of Yunnan Agricultural University, 2012(1): 20-23.

Perfection of Recycling Economy Basing upon Foreign Experience, Yunnan University Press, 2008: 103-109.

Legal Approaches to Perfect Protecting Yunnan Fuxian Lake Water Resource, Journal of Kunming University, 2008(3): 74-77 (co-authors: Ni Su, Jin-hua Zheng).

Thinking by Law about Perfecting Protection of Plant Heritage Resources in Yunnan, Journal of Kunming Teachers College, 2008(2): 25-28 (co-author: Ni Su).

The Perfection of the Legal System on the Protection of Plant Genetic Resources in Yunnan Province, Journal of Kunming University of Science and Technology, 2008(2): 25-29 (co-authors: Ni Su, Shu-jie Chen).

On the Extended Producer Responsibility within Recyclable Economy Scope, Journal of Simao Teachers' College, 2011(5): 50-52 (co-author: Hua-lei Li).

On the Legal Protection of Environmental Rights of Farmers, Journal of Kunming University, 2011(5): 50-52 (co-author: Dong-xiang Yang).