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The Career Services Office at KU Law offers many resources and programs to help students find rewarding legal experiences during law school and after they graduate. Review the resources on this page to learn how to find summer legal experiences during law school and how to conduct an out-of-state job search.

1L Summer Legal Experiences: How to Find Them

Summer legal experiences offer first-year law students the opportunity to gain work experience and build professional relationships. This video outlines the types of summer legal experiences available to 1Ls. It also includes tips on how to find summer work.

2L Summer Legal Experiences: How to Find Them

Second-year law students can find summer experiences through methods including OCIs, direct applications and career fairs. This video offers tips for finding and securing a summer legal experience as a 2L.

How to Conduct an Out-of-State Job Search

Choosing to go to KU Law doesn't mean your future is limited to the Kansas state border. KU Law alumni work in all 50 states and all over the world. This video offers advice for students on how to conduct an out-of-state job search.

Behavioral and Situational Interviewing

Situational and behavioral interviewing are similar types of interview questions that encourage interviewees to respond with a narrative, often based on specific experiences they've faced in the past. Behavioral questions will ask how you handled a past challenge, and situational questions will ask how you would respond to a future challenge.


Virtual Interview Tips

By now, you may feel like you're a pro at Zoom, Skype or any other video platform. But using these platforms for professional interviewing requires more preparation on your behalf than an informal meeting does. This video covers how to make your best impression in virtual interviews with prospective employers.

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