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Kansans split over judge retention vote

WOW! 6 News
James Ryan Roberts
Monday, October 24, 2016

"For many the overturning of the death penalty for Jonathan and Reginald Carr, the brothers behind the Wichita Massacre, was the last straw... Although the Supreme Court overturned the Kansas Supreme Court's decision Kansas for Justice, a group made up of friends and family of the Carr brothers victims organized against the justices.


'No Kansas Supreme Court Justice has ever lost a retention election,' said Stephen Ware, a law professor at the University of Kansas. Ware says historically retention elections sway in the judge's favor. With no opponents, Ware says this may be due to fear of who would replace them. 'If you vote out an incumbent in Kansas, you don't know who's going to replace that incumbent and you might think whoever the replacement is I might like even less,' said Ware."

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Stephen Ware