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KC councilman Quinton Lucas enters 2019 mayoral race

Kansas City Star
Bill Turque
Saturday, June 23, 2018

KU Law professor Quinton Lucas recently announced his candidacy for mayor of Kansas City on Saturday, June 23. Lucas currently serves as a councilman in Kansas City.   

Lucas, 33, is an attorney and at-large representative for the 3rd District, which takes in much of the city's economically distressed East Side. In remarks prepared for his early-evening kickoff at Ruby Jean's Juicery on Troost Avenue, he pledged a mayoralty focused on accountability at City Hall and a greater quality of life for the city's poor.

Lucas said his vision of public service was forged by the struggles of his single mother, "who had no money but a lot of faith" and got him and his two sisters through college. 

"I am a child of this community," Lucas said. "I serve you because I know and remember what it's like to need that bus to be on time, to need that new business down the street to open so you can work without traveling thirty minutes out to the suburbs, to need to feel safe where you live and know that your sister or cousin will come home alive and won't be another statistic in a city where we have far too many."

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Quinton Lucas