Trade war would likely still have similar issues even under Democrats, says expert

Though there are those who may think that the trade war between China and the United States falls at the feet of President Donald Trump completely, that isn’t necessarily so, says a trade law expert.

“I think the Chinese are miscalculating if they think that the position of the Democrat, any Democrat, any of the 20 odd who are running, is going to be fundamentally different from what the Trump administration’s position has been,” said Raj Bhala, the Brennesein Distinguished Professor at the University of Kansas Law School and a Senior Advisor at Dentons.

Trade law expert sees difficult Brexit still ahead

A trade law expert sees Britain’s exit from the European Union as less than smooth.

“It’s going to be a hard Brexit,” said Raj Bhala, the Brennesein Distinguished Professor at the University of Kansas Law School and a Senior Advisor at Denton’s. “This is a global story. Businesses, whether they’re here or they’re in Mumbai, need to be thinking about, what are their terms of trade with respect to the U.K.”

It’s important to know that an exit from the European Union is a harsher one than an exit from an agreement like NAFTA, because the EU is a Common Market.

USTR investigation not the focus of France as they pass big tech tax, says trade expert

The United States announced this week that it will launch an investigation under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 into a proposed French digital services tax (DST) aimed at global technology companies.

“What the USTR is investigating is whether or not this so-called GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) tax, which would be on 3% of the sales revenue that those companies earn in France would be discriminatory against U.S. companies,” said Raj Bhala, Brennesein Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Kansas and a Senior Advisor at Dentons.

A currency war won’t remedy trade war tensions

At the Group of 20 Summit in Osaka on 28-29 June, world leaders discussed threats to free, open trade from tariff wars. Underlying their protestations against protectionism were fears about foreign exchange markets. They, along with businesspersons, economists, policy analysts, and lawyers, appreciate that rising, reciprocal trade barriers are linked to the relative strengths of currencies.

Lawrence chamber says effects of tariffs on Mexico will likely be harmful

If the United States imposes tariffs on Mexican imports next week, the Lawrence chamber of commerce does not know how exactly it will affect the local economy, but it will likely be harmful.

“Unfortunately, we may learn that the hard way if these tariffs are sustained or ramp up as the president has threatened,” Hugh Carter, the chamber’s vice president for external affairs, said of the possible effect.

If Trump imposes tariffs, Mexico has options, says trade law expert

If President Donald Trump executes an executive order imposing 5 percent tariffs on Mexico as he has threatened to do, the Mexican government has several ways it can push back against the action, according to a trade law expert. Raj Bhala is the Brennesein Distinguished Professor at the University of Kansas Law School, and a Senior Advisor at Dentons.

If Negotiators Can’t Stop Trump’s Mexico Tariffs, There’s Not Much Hope in Congress or the Court

No matter how much business groups and Republican senators hate President Donald Trump’s Mexico tariffs, there may be no stopping them before Monday, and rolling them back if they’re put in place is a daunting prospect.

Congress has constitutional authority over trade and could pass a law to block the president’s action. But partisan gridlock and decades of delegating responsibility to the president will complicate any legislative challenge to Trump’s tariff threat.


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