Speaker: Government not protecting Native Americans, tribes

Elizabeth Kronk Warner said crime is higher in Indian Country and the federal government isn’t doing enough to stop it.

Warner spoke to a full room at the K-State Student Union Ballroom Monday for Indigenous Peoples' Day. The university held the program as opposed to Columbus Day activities for the third year. This year, the theme was “Indigenous Female Leadership: Disrupting Dominant Discourse.”

Indian country torn over gay marriage

A national news article discussing the conflict surrounding gay marriage amongst Indian tribes featured commentary from Elizabeth Kronk, professor of law.

Hotakainen wrote:

Scholars note that before their introduction to Christianity, many tribes accepted their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members as “two spirits,” even giving them added respect because they were thought to have special powers.

Consequently, they say, same-sex marriage is easier for many tribal members to accept, though it still kicks up plenty of controversy.

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