Washburn inquiry into Phi Delta Theta fraternity raises free speech questions

"Washburn University’s suspension of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity this week following disclosure of crude text messages and a photo of a topless woman raises questions of free speech and how much power public colleges hold over students’ behavior.

Washburn’s investigation centers on whether the fraternity members violated the student code of conduct. In an email to faculty and staff, President Jerry Farley said appropriate sanctions will be imposed once the inquiry is completed.

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Outside Money Surge Makes Kansas Senate Race Costliest In State History

"Few Senate races have seen a gush of spending like the competition in Kansas between Sen. Pat Roberts (R) and independent challenger Greg Orman. That may be because, until lately, it had been unthinkable that a Republican incumbent could lose in the solidly red state.

But Roberts failed to break 50 percent in a primary against a weak tea party opponent. And on Sept. 3, the Democratic candidate dropped out after polls showed Orman could beat Roberts in a two-way race.

Kansas Supreme Court hears Chad Taylor lawsuit Tuesday

The Kansas Supreme Court will decide whether or not Democrat Chad Taylor's name may be removed from the November ballot for U.S. Senate. Taylor withdrew from the race, drawing criticism from Republicans who claim that the move was an attempt to bolster Independent Craig Orman's campaign against the incumbent, Senator Pat Roberts. Kobach refused to remove Taylor's name from the ballot, asserting that Taylor's withdrawal letter did not include a declaration that he is incapable to serve. 

Bryan Lowry wrote:


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