This professor found new ways to connect with his students. He's asking why the Legislature is considering refunds.

I have taught at the University of Kansas for the past 27 years. I have taught close to 10,000 students at the law school, in the history department, in freshman seminars for the honors program and in chemical engineering

So I think that I understand KU students and how they learn.

The Kansas Legislature is considering a budget that would require Regents Universities to refund half a student’s tuition for online courses. That would include all of my courses. I have not taught an in-person class during the academic year 2019-2020.

US SEC nixes bids by oil companies to omit climate resolutions

Small shareholders may now have a say on how oil companies announce their net-zero goals to limit GHG emissions not just from their refinery operations but also from the transportation and delivery of their end products, such as gasoline, plastics, and other petrochemicals.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 19 March denied separate requests by ConocoPhillips and Occidental Petroleum to omit votes on proposed shareholder resolutions to set specific interim GHG reduction targets in their quest for net-zero carbon emissions.

Biden White House defends Trump China tariffs in legal showdown

  • U.S. companies cite Twitter to question Trump’s motives against China
  • Thousands of companies challenge tariffs in court

The Biden administration is defending President Donald Trump’s 2018 expansion of tariffs on Chinese goods against lawsuits brought by thousands of U.S. companies, which claim Trump overstepped his authority and that his own statements and tweets undermined the official justification for the crackdown. Litigation Trendspotter: One year into the pandemic, business interruption plaintiffs notch a win, but consumers' COVID claims fail

Officially one year into the COVID-19 lockdown in the U.S., business interruption insurance litigation continues to be a roller coaster ride, while another strain of coronavirus-related litigation — class actions filed by consumers who purchased tickets for sporting events, concerts and trips, or had annual gym memberships, that became unusable once the country shut down — has so far been trending in favor of defendants.

The Trend:

Velte to present at Arkansas Law LGBTQ Colloquium

As part of the Richard B. Atkinson LGBTQ Law & Policy Program, the University of Arkansas School of Law is hosting the first Atkinson LGBTQ Law and Policy Colloquium this semester.

The colloquium, which is virtual this semester, creates space to bring in law and policy experts from across the country who are doing innovative research on a diverse range of LGBTQ law and policy topics of interest to the Arkansas community. It also provides a forum for U of A students to engage with those experts.

Political dispute over transgender rights focuses on youth sports

There was an impassioned debate in the South Dakota State Senate this week over a proposed bill that would restrict transgender female students from participating in female sports.

Legislators supporting the bill framed their arguments around fairness.

"HB 1217 makes sure women's sports in South Dakota stays fair by prohibiting biological males, no matter how they identify, from competing in female sports," said Republican state Sen. Maggie Sutton.

A Democratic opponent of the bill responded by talking about Christian values of love and inclusion.​


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