Judges aren't sold on COVID-19 refund cases, bumping most to arbitration

A year after the COVID-19 pandemic shut down everything, federal judges overwhelmingly have sent the cases to arbitration, including those against Major League Baseball, Ticketmaster and LA Fitness. The rulings come as lawmakers in both houses of Congress have introduced legislation that would ban forced arbitration, which is prevalent in consumer cases.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first shut everything down, consumers who purchased tickets for sporting events, concerts and trips, or had annual gym memberships, immediately filed class actions over unpaid refunds.

Three areas for Modi and Biden to get working on right away

American foreign economic policy under the Biden-Harris Administration is taking shape. Raisina Hill and India Inc., take note. America is on course for continuity with some Trumpian policies, most notably linking trade, national security, and employment, though not on the environment or Iran. Already, there’s a markedly different style from the erstwhile Raj: no more rude tweets that disrupt trade relations; much more engagement with friends.

Author’s Response, by Alexander I. Platt

*This is the seventh and final post in a series on Alex’s new Article, Is Administrative Summary Judgment Unlawful? For earlier posts in the series, click here.

I am deeply grateful to Professors Barnett, Asimow, Virelli, and Tierney for their thoughtful and generous engagement with this paper. It’s an honor to be in a discussion with each of them. Their contributions here will surely be an important resource on this issue.

Is administrative summary judgment unlawful?: Policy and implications by Alexander I. Platt

*This is the second post in a series on Alex’s new Article, Is Administrative Summary Judgment Unlawful? For earlier posts in the series, click here.

My last post argued that the text, legislative history, and legal historical context of the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) demonstrate the statute prohibits enforcement agencies from using administrative summary judgment to resolve formal administrative adjudications.

Why, then, has this evidently illegal practice persisted so long?

Kansas transgender sports bill: Epitome of fair play? Or, brazenly unconstitutional?

Legislation reveals fissure in public K-12, university athletics policy

TOPEKA — Former University of Kansas pole vaulter Callie Hicks offered assurances Tuesday that failure to impose a state law restricting transgender athletes to competitions based on biological gender at birth would destroy girls and women’s sports programs.

Kansas officials rack up $4M bill in defense of Kris Kobach’s baseless voter fraud law

The American Civil Liberties Union and other attorneys want to be repaid more than $4 million for their five-year legal battle with Kansas officials who fought to restrict voter registration under the false pretense of widespread voter fraud.

The proposed price tag adds a punctuation mark to the prolonged fight over former Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s signature law, which required new voters to prove their citizenship before registering to vote.

Can Africa’s first WTO chief help her own continent or avert US-China cold war?

  • Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to become director general of World Trade Organization after US dropped its objection
  • But the US has been obstructive in the WTO and some analysts argue the body faces a struggle to regain its relevance

Africa is to have its first director general of the World Trade Organization, with Nigeria’s former finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala set to be confirmed as its head when members meet in the next few days. She will also make history as the first woman to lead the body.


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