Budget 2021: An import substitution relapse?

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. (‘The more things change, the more they stay the same.’) This epigram, coined by Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, Editor of Le Figaro, in 1848-49, is such a cliché it should be avoided. Except when it’s unavoidable.

To India’s fiscal year 2021 union budget, it’s unavoidable. This budget confirms India’s relapse to import substitution. Modiji’s foreign trade policy looks ever more like that of Panditji and his daughter, Indira, from Independence to the early 1990s.

Free (Steamboat) Willie: How Walt Disney’s original mouse could be entering the public domain

Some events are so bizarre and unique that it makes one consider the role of fate. Every once in a while, the stars align to create a moment so significant that it can alter the state of the world more than a century later.

That is what happened when Walt Disney met a very special mouse at the Laugh-O-Gram studio at the corner of Forest Avenue and 31st Street in the early 1920s.

Kansas House Dems move to oust member over issues with women

TOPEKA, Kan. — Kansas legislators on Tuesday began the process to oust a newly elected lawmaker over multiple issues that include the 20-year-old’s rhetoric on Twitter and allegations that he harassed and threatened girls and women.

A formal compliant filed in the House by Democratic members about State Rep. Aaron Coleman will kick off a bipartisan investigation, culminating in a recommendation and vote on his future in the Legislature. A two-thirds majority most vote in favor of ousting Coleman, of Kansas City, Kansas, who was sworn in on Monday.

Why Raisina Hill and India Inc. need to study the Brexit Deal.

Why should the Christmas Eve 2020 Brexit Deal matter to Indian government officials, businesspersons, lawyers, students, and indeed the nation at large? The short answer is the Deal marks an historical inflection point whereby India should shift its conventional focus from seeing the United Kingdom as not only the entry point for Europe, but also as a major force in world affairs to regarding the 27-member European Union as the new gateway for Europe, and a top-tier global force.

Kansas inmates will get the COVID-19 vaccine before most of the public. Here’s why.

Jon-Wesley O’Hara didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving with his family last year.

Instead, he was quarantined with his three roommates — like him, all officers at the Topeka Correctional Facility — after one tested positive for the coronavirus. And, like many throughout the country, O’Hara canceled holiday plans because of the pandemic, including seeing his children, who live with his ex-wife.

China to gain as trade pact ripples across post-COVID world

Japan and South Korea also likely winners; outsiders US and India eye next moves

SINGAPORE -- About two weeks after China signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership trade megadeal with 14 other Asia-Pacific economies, Premier Li Keqiang stressed the need to walk the talk.

"As a member of the RCEP, our country should actively promote the implementation of the agreement with our own actions, safeguard free trade and expand new space for win-win cooperation," Li said at a State Council executive meeting in Beijing on Dec. 1.


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