Qiongdi "Judy" Chen

Visiting Scholar
Associate Professor, School of Economics & Management, Wuyi University
Primary office:
418 Green Hall


Qiongdi Chen studies patent technologies and strategies in clean technology. Her research at KU Law explores how patent policies affect clean technological innovation and examines the patent strategies used by clean technology enterprises.


Ph.D., Business Administration, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2012; M.E., Economic Law, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2006; B.E., Economics, South-Central University for Nationalities, 1998.


  • Patent Law and Patent Management
  • Patent Strategy and Technological Innovation

Selected Publications

Strategies for Drafting and Prosecuting Invention by Diversion Patent Application in China: A Case Study of Cleantech, European Intellectual Property Review, issue 3, 2015.

Patent Biotechnology Invention in China, European Intellectual Property Review, issue 1, 2010: 9-20).

The Experience and Inspiration of Expedited Patent Examination for Green Patents in Several Countries, Forum on Science and technology in China, issue 2, 2013: 147-153 (co-author: Xiang Yu).

Pendency and Grant Ratios of Invention Patents in China: An Empirical Analysis Based on PDL Model, R&D Management, issue 4, 2010: 106-113) (co-author: Xiang Yu).

Cleantech Patent Search Strategy Based on Words Frequency Analysis, Journal of Intelligence, issue 6, 2013: 47-52).

A Study on Development of Patent Indicators and Their Structure, Library and Information Service, issue 1, 2012: 99 - 103.