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Victim: Leavenworth judge letting repeat offenders off easy

KSHB 41 News
Lexi Sutter
Friday, July 24, 2015

"Steuber lost part of his leg, and even worse, his wife, when the motorcycle they were riding was hit by an oncoming car.

The driver, Jaime Carter, not only had a suspended license, but was driving under the influence of five prescription drugs and methamphetamine.

'This isn't like, just, 'Oh I did a dumb thing, I made a mistake.' This is a pretty consistent thing that's been done for years and years and years, and so some of the disappointment in the court system, is that somebody like that, that continually missed court dates, probation hearings, all kinds of things,' Steuber said, who was most disappointed by the bond Carter was given.


Ultimately, criminal sentencing falls on the backs of state lawmakers.

'If legislatures wanted to be more specific about how to handle those issues, legislatures could,' explained KU Law Professor Stephen Ware.

Ware said the legislature is responsible for creating the sentencing grid judges’ use. If someone has a problem with it, the blame is on lawmakers in Topeka and not necessarily the courts."