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With "Warp Speed" towards vaccine

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Friederike Böge, Livia Gerster and Majid Sattar
Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The coronavirus can only be defeated with a vaccine. Hundreds of research teams worldwide are working on the serum. A German project also has hopes in the race.

On January, when Corona was just a beer for most of us, the Mainz researcher Ugur Sahin knew that something was coming up. And: We can help you get it under control. He had just read a study from China that described exactly how a Shenzhen family went to Wuhan and got infected there, one by one. The doctor from Mainz immediately downloaded the genome sequence of the virus from the Internet.

He calculated the matter "briefly", it was all pretty clear: how contagious the virus is, that you can be infected without realizing it, and above all that the disease spreads at lightning speed in a metropolis like Wuhan would. "It was easy to google how many passengers go to Wuhan each year." Back then, the virus was still a purely Chinese problem for many experts. But Sahin said: "This is different."

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Raj Bhala