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Kansas Law Review

Kansas Law Review

Issues (PDF)

Volume 62, Issue 1

Volume 62, Issue 2

Volume 62, Issue 3

Volume 62, Issue 4

Volume 62, Issue 5

Volume 61, Issue 1

Volume 61, Issue 2

Volume 61, Issue 3

Volume 61, Issue 4

Volume 61, Issue 5

Volume 60, Issue 1

Volume 60, Issue 2

Volume 60, Issue 3

Volume 60, Issue 4

Volume 60, Issue 5

Volume 59, Issue 1

Volume 59, Issue 2

Volume 59, Issue 3

Volume 59, Issue 4

Volume 59, Issue 5

Volume 58, Issue 1

Volume 58, Issue 2

Volume 58, Issue 3

Volume 58, Issue 4

Volume 58, Issue 5

Volume 57, Issue 1

Volume 57, Issue 2

Volume 57, Issue 3

Volume 57, Issue 4 (Symposium Issue: Law, Reparations & Racial Disparities)

Volume 57, Issue 5 (Kansas Issue)

Volume 56, Issue 1

Volume 56, Issue 2

Volume 56, Issue 3

Volume 56, Issue 4 (Kansas Issue)

Volume 56, Issue 5 (Symposium Issue - Biolaw: Law at the Frontiers of Biology)

Volume 55, Issue 1

Volume 55, Issue 2

Volume 55, Issue 3

Volume 55, Issue 4 (Kansas Issue)

  • Criminal Procedure Survey
  • Robert C. Casad, In Memoriam-William Arthur Kelly
  • Pamela V. Keller and Elinor P. Schroeder, Survey of Kansas Employment Law
  • Suzanne Carey McAllister, Some Recent Developments in Kansas Residential Landlord-Tenant Law and Evictions
  • Brian Moline & M. H. Hoeflich, Some Kansas Lawyer Poets
  • M.H. Hoeflich, The Great Kansas Seed Swindle
  • Zach Lerner, Rethinking What Agriculture Could Use
  • David Warner, Are the Corporation and Its Employees the Same?: Piercing the Intracorporate Conspiracy Doctrine in a Post-Enron World
  • Joe Bant, United States v. Rosen: Pushing the Free Press onto a Slippery Slope?

Volume 55, Issue 5 (Symposium Issue - The Massachusetts Plan and the Future of Universal Coverage)

Perspectives on Health Reform

  • Timothy Stoltzfus Jost, The Massachusetts Health Plan: Public Insurance for the Poor, Private Insurance for the Wealthy, Self-Insurance for the Rest?
  • David A. Hyman, The Massachusetts Health Plan: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Michael H. Fox, Healthcare Reform: The Rhetoric and the Reality
  • Theodore Marmor, Healthcare Reform: The Rhetoric and the Reality

Regulatory Issues

  • Joan H. Krause, Fraud in Universal Coverage: The Usual Suspects (and then Some)
  • Peter D. Jacobson and Rebecca L. Braun, Let 1000 Flowers Wilt: The Futility of State-Level Heath Care Reform
  • Amy B. Monahan, Pay or Play Laws, ERISA, Preemption, and Potential Lessons from Massachusetts

Implementing Universal Coverage

  • William M. Sage, Might the Fact that 90% of Americans Live Within 15 Miles of a Wal-Mart Help Achieve Universal Health Care?
  • Melissa B. Jacoby, Individual Health Insurance Mandates and Financial Distress: A Few Notes from the Debtor-Creditor Research and Debates
  • Stephen J. Ware, "Medical-Related Financial Distress" and Health Care Finance: A Reply to Professor Melissa Jacoby
  • Jerry Menikoff, (Too) Much Ado About the Ethics of Less-than-Universal Access to Health Care?
  • Elizabeth A. Weeks, Failure to Connect: The Massachusetts Plan for Individual Health Insurance

State Experiences

  • Christie L. Hager, Massachusetts Health Reform: A Social Compact and a Bold Experiment
  • Sidney D. Watson, Timothy McBride, Heather Bednarek and Muhammad Islam, The Road from Massachusetts to Missouri: What Will it Take for Other States to Replicate Massachusetts Health Reform?
  • Marcia J. Nielsen, Health Care System Reform in Kansas: Context, Challenges, and Capacity


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