Bar Exam

The Career Services Office oversees your bar preparation. This includes access to bar applications and a notary where needed. We can also help you work through questions you may have regarding preparation for the bar, your bar application and related matters.


What Do I Need to Apply, and What Will I Be Tested On?

The bar exam varies by jurisdiction. This means that all 50 states have their own unique rules and standards. It is critical to think about where you intend to take the bar and carefully review the requirements for that jurisdiction.


How Should I Prepare?

The CSO strongly recommends that students do all they can to prepare for the bar exam. Assume that between the time you graduate and the date(s) of the bar exam, your success will depend on treating bar study like a full-time job requiring 40 hours a week or more of study.


How Have KU Graduates Done?

Our graduates normally exceed the state average for first-time test takers. The key is careful preparation for the exam.


Leah Terranova
Assistant Dean, Academic and Student Affairs

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