Enrollment Instructions


Enrollment instructions for spring 2024 are available below. Instructions for the upcoming semester are typically posted shortly before enrollment appointments open.

Enrollment Instructions: Spring 2024

Enrollment for the School of Law will be conducted online by accessing the following website: sa.ku.edu/index.html.

Please read these instructions carefully and consult the Schedule of Classes for more complete information. These instructions supplement the information contained in the Schedule of Classes and should not be seen as the only source of information for law students. Access is available online at classes.ku.edu/classes.

There are three steps to becoming officially enrolled:

  1. Enrollment Preparation (This step includes checking your account online and clearing any holds.)
  2. Enrollment
  3. Fee payment

*Check prerequisites here: law.ku.edu/current-students/academic-resources/prerequisites. It is your responsibility to make sure you have met the prerequisites. Enroll and Pay does not stop you from enrolling.

Courses are viewable on enroll and pay. You can now view the course schedule here: Class Schedule.

Exam Schedules are here: law.ku.edu/current-students/academic-resources/exams.

The courses listed in these instructions do not constitute a contract.

Enrollment Appointments

Enrollment appointments began on October 20, 2023.

In order to view your appointment time, you should use this navigation in Enroll & Pay: Enroll and Pay> Enrollment.

You will be able to enroll online for the spring semester from your appointment time until Monday, January 15. Monday, January 22, 2023 is the last day to add/change online.

Enrollment Times

Enrollment appointment times are set according to the number of hours a student has completed plus the number of hours in which they are currently enrolled:

  • Day 1: 59+ hours
  • Day 2*: 29-58 hours
  • Day 3: 0-28 hours

*Day 2 is Monday, October 23, 2023. Enrollment appointments are set by the University and only changed if there is an error. Will not be changed because you are at 58 hours.

Enrollment appointment times will not be changed if you are short on hours.

Spring 2024

Payment of Fees

E-Bills will be emailed on or about January 21, 2024.

Fee payment information is available from Student Accounts & Receivables

You can check your billing and account information: log in to Enroll and Pay>Student Financials tile>Account Services>Print or View a Bill.

Add/Drop - Spring 2024
  • Tuesday, January 16: Late enrollment $150 late enrollment fee begins (if you have not enrolled in any courses for the spring)
  • Monday, January 22: Last day to add/change online
  • Monday, January 22: LAST DAY 100% REFUND
  • Monday, February 12: LAST DAY 50% REFUND

This information and more here: registrar.ku.edu/academic-calendar

    Enrollment Instructions

    Log in to Enroll and Pay 

    Visit the Enroll & Pay website.


    Enter the 5-digit class number associated with each class and follow the prompts through to the shopping cart. Search the Schedule of Classes for up to date information.

    Enrollment Appointment

    Enrollment appointments are viewable on Enroll & Pay.

    Criminal Prosecution Field Placement Program, Elder Law Field Placement Program, Field Placement Program, Legal Aid Clinic and Project for Innocence will require a permission number to enroll. These specific field placements or clinics will provide the Registrar with a list of people who should be enrolling. The Registrar will email those students to give them a permission number for the class. Field Placement Program codes will be distributed by email after Professor Glenn Jewell gives approval.

    Final Exams

    The final exam schedules are posted on the Exam Information page on the KU Law website. Choose your course schedule mindful that you may have several consecutive final examinations and that relief from such a situation cannot be guaranteed to any student. 


    During spring 2024, main enrollment waitlists will be online in Enroll & Pay.

    Upcoming 3Ls will be given priority since they will be the first to enroll. If you choose to use the waitlist, keep in mind we’ve identified a few glitches: If you sign up on a waitlist, the computer will automatically enroll you in the class if there is an opening and will not give you any notice. The computer will not enroll you if you are already enrolled in a class that conflicts with the waitlisted class. If you have a hold, the computer will not pull you from the waitlist. Since you will be automatically enrolled in the class if there is an opening, you will be responsible to check your schedule online regularly and make any adjustments necessary.

    Important Enrollment Reminders

    Please note the following reminders.

    Add and Drop Policies

    Classes may be added only within the first 5 days of the summer session or the first two weeks of the semester. After the second week of classes (the fifth day in a summer session), classes may be added only with the express approval of the Associate Dean and the instructor of the course in question. If a student drops a School of Law class at any time up to and including the last day of classes in the semester, the class enrollment will be canceled and will not appear on the student's record.

    Special Drop Rule

    The following courses have special No-Drop rules:

    • Criminal Prosecution Field Placement Program - after acceptance
    • Project for Innocence and Post-Conviction Remedies - with permission of instructor
    • Judicial Field Placement Program - with permission of instructor and judge
    • Legal Aid Clinic– with permission of instructor
    • Pretrial Advocacy - after acceptance
    • Trial Advocacy - after the fifth day of class
    Alternate Grading System

    The following courses are graded Credit/No Credit:

    • Criminal Prosecution Field Placement Program
    • Extended Bar Preparation
    • International Moot Court Competition
    • Judicial Field Placement Program 
    • Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy I 
    • Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy II
    • Law Review
    • Moot Court Competition
    • Moot Court Council
    • Mock Trial Competition
    • Mock Trial Council
    • National Moot Court Competition
    Application for Degree

    Any student who expects to graduate in December 2023 or May 2024 must complete an application for degree form in Enroll & Pay and the Registrar’s graduation form. A link to the form will be emailed in the fall. Diplomas can be received by mail by filling out a form online through Enroll & Pay.

    Clery Statement

    The annual security report about KU safety policies, crime statistics, and campus resources is available online from the KU Police Department or on paper by contacting the dean of students, 143 Strong Hall, 785-864-4060.

    Degree Check

    It is strongly recommended that any student who is planning to graduate in the coming semester check their graduation progress before the beginning of the spring semester.

    It is strongly recommended that students who are planning to graduate in the coming semester fill out a Requirements Checklist to check degree requirements. They can check with the Registrar if they have questions and it is best to do so before beginning the last semester.


    Grades are viewable at the end of the second summer session and at the end of the fall semester after Professors/Instructors post them electronically. The due date is 2.5 weeks after the end of the last final exam for the summer or fall.

    Independent Research

    Requirements for Independent Research are listed in the course description. There are no exceptions to these requirements. Special permission from the professor is required prior to enrollment in Independent Research. To obtain special permission you should email the professor and forward their response to the Registrar at jenkent@ku.edu. You will receive an email response with a number that will allow you to enroll online. This should be done before the beginning of the semester.

    Joint Degree Students

    See the registrar if you have any questions.

    Make-up Classes

    In the event a make-up class becomes necessary to meet the ABA standard for minutes in the classroom the class will be scheduled by the professor and he/she will assign a specific date. The following days have been set aside:

    Fall 2023
    • First-year make-ups:

      • 12:30-1:25 p.m. Mon & Fri
      • 3:45-4:40 p.m. Mon/Wed/Fri
    • Upper-level make-ups:
      • 12:30-1:25 p.m. Mon/Fri
      • 1:35-2:30 p.m. Fri 
      • 3:45-4:40 p.m. Fri 
    Spring 2024
    • First-year make-ups:

      • 12:30-1:25 p.m. Mon & Fri
      • 2:40-3:35 p.m. Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri
    • Upper-level make-ups:
      • 12:30-1:25 p.m. Mon/Fri
      • 3:45-4:40 p.m. Thurs 
    Second-Year Requirements

    Professional Responsibility must be taken before a student finishes their 60th hour of law school. Exceptions are not permitted.

    If a student intends to apply for a Kansas Legal Intern Certification under Rule 715 for the summer after their 2L year so that they can appear in court, they will need to have completed 59 credit hours.


    An official copy of your academic record is available through the Office of the University Registrar. Unofficial copies of transcripts are available in the myKU Portal under the academics tab, then "law report."

    Withholding Directory Information

    A student may request to have directory information, as defined in "Policies Affecting Student Rights and Responsibilities," withheld from the public. This request may be made at the University Registrar's office. More information is available from the KU Registrar.


    When choosing your classes, please be aware of the class prerequisites and abide by them. If you enroll in a class for which you have not completed the prerequisite, you will be asked to drop the class. A substantial number of second and third-year courses have one or more upper-level courses as prerequisites. The prerequisite table is listed in the online catalog.

    New Course Information

    Additional courses may be added at a later date. Notifications of any changes will be made via email.