Tentative Future Course Offerings


KU Law provides a list of tentative course offerings for future academic years to help students plan their academic schedules.

The tentative course list is subject to change. Final schedules will depend on staffing and enrollment. A final schedule for the upcoming semester will be posted shortly before student enrollment begins.

Find schedules for the current and next semester on the Class Schedule page.

Future Course Offerings Table

The table below is a tentative list of future course offerings at the KU School of Law. Visit the Courses page for a full list of course descriptions.

How to search the tentative course schedule

Use the search bar at the top of the table to search for specific courses, credit hours or course designations. The table can also be sorted using the arrows in each column header.

Course type key:

  • PW = professional writing
  • SW = scholarly writing
  • EXP = experiential
  • PW or EXP = professional writing or experiential
  • non-PW = not offered as professional writing

This schedule is current as of Nov. 30, 2021. All course listings are subject to change based on staffing and enrollment. Final schedules are posted ahead of each semester's enrollment period.

Tentative Course Offerings - Fall 2021-Spring 2022
SemesterCourse TitleCourse Type
Winter 2022Deposition Skills Workshop 
Spring 20231L: Constitutional Law 
Spring 20231L: Criminal Law 
Spring 20231L: Lawyering Skills II 
Spring 20231L: Property 
Spring 2023Advanced Health Care Regulation 
Spring 2023Advanced International Trade LawSW
Spring 2023Advanced Legal Aid ClinicEXP
Spring 2023Advanced LitigationEXP
Spring 2023Bankruptcy 
Spring 2023Business Organizationsnon-PW
Spring 2023Complex Litigation 
Spring 2023Contract DraftingPW or EXP
Spring 2023Copyright Law in a Digital Age 
Spring 2023Criminal Practice in KansasPW or EXP
Spring 2023Criminal Procedure 
Spring 2023Criminal Prosecution Field PlacementEXP
Spring 2023Elder Law Field PlacementEXP
Spring 2023Elections & Campaign FinanceSW
Spring 2023Employment Discrimination 
Spring 2023Environmental Law 
Spring 2023Estate Planning: PracticePW
Spring 2023Extended Bar Exam Preparation 
Spring 2023Family Law 
Spring 2023Federal Courtsnon-PW
Spring 2023Field Placement (includes Medical-Legal Partnership Clinic)EXP
Spring 2023First Amendment AdvocacyEXP
Spring 2023Global Data Protection Law 
Spring 2023Immigration Law 
Spring 2023International Business Law Drafting 
Spring 2023International Commerce & Investment 
Spring 2023Judicial Field PlacementEXP
Spring 2023Jurisdictionnon-PW
Spring 2023JurisprudenceSW
Spring 2023Kansas Journal of Law & Public Policy ISW
Spring 2023Kansas Journal of Law & Public Policy IISW
Spring 2023Law ReviewSW
Spring 2023Legal Aid ClinicEXP
Spring 2023Legal Analytics 
Spring 2023Legislative SimulationEXP
Spring 2023LGBTQ SeminarPW
Spring 2023Local Government Law 
Spring 2023Mass IncarcerationSW
Spring 2023Mediation Skills WorkshopEXP
Spring 2023Mock Trial Council 
Spring 2023Moot Court Competition 
Spring 2023Oil & Gas Law 
Spring 2023Patent Law 
Spring 2023Patent PracticePW or EXP
Spring 2023Practice of Privacy Law 
Spring 2023Pretrial Advocacy 
Spring 2023Professional Responsibility 
Spring 2023Project for InnocencePW or EXP
Spring 2023Public International Law 
Spring 2023Real Estate Finance 
Spring 2023Remedies 
Spring 2023Representing Non-profit Organizations 
Spring 2023Securities Regulation 
Spring 2023Sixth Semester Capstone 
Spring 2023Sixth Semester Field PlacementEXP
Spring 2023Taxation of Business Enterprises 
Spring 2023Topics in Advanced Legal Research 
Spring 2023Trial AdvocacyEXP
Spring 2023Trusts & Estates 
Spring 2023Writing for Law PracticePW