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The Wheat Law Library publishes a semi-annual newsletter, Hearsay. In each edition, readers learn about new developments at the law library, upcoming events and more.

Fall 2022 Newsletter

Your favorite library newsletter, Hearsay, is back again for the fall 2022 semester. Energetic students and harried professors have returned to Green Hall for the fall semester, enlivening the Wheat Law Library with an atmosphere of enthusiasm.
Cover of Fall 2022 Hearsay

Spring 2022 Hearsay

Director’s Corner

Christopher Steadham, director of the Wheat Law Library, shares updates from the library staff for fall 2022.

Adventures in legal research: how to teach 135 students

Blake Wilson, assistant director for instructional and faculty services, outlines teaching Advanced Legal Research with the best methods to deliver course material to students.

The camp libraries of WWI and WWII

Pam Crawford, assistant director for public and technical services, shares about the role that libraries and librarians had in both World Wars.

What the librarians are reading

Melissa Doebele, technical services manager, shares what the librarians are currently reading.

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