Academic Calendar


KU Law's academic calendar includes semester start and end dates, exam dates and academic breaks.

The Office of the University Registrar posts approved academic calendars for future years, which includes academic breaks through 2025-26. Please note that the semester start/end dates and finals dates listed on that calendar do not apply to the law school.


    KU Law Academic Calendar

    KU Law Academic Calendar
    January 2023
    1/17/2023Classes begin
    March 2023
    3/13/2023Spring break begins - no classes
    3/20/2023Law classes resume
    April 2023
    4/21/2023Last day of spring law classes
    4/22/2023Reading day
    4/24/2023First day of final examinations
    May 2023
    5/5/2023Last day of final examinations
    5/13/2023KU Law Hooding Ceremony
    5/14/2023University Commencement Ceremony
    5/15/2023Upper-level first summer session - Classes begin
    5/18/2023 - 5/22/2023Summer starters - Orientation/Lawyering Skills classes
    5/23/2023Summer starters - Classes begin
    5/29/2023Memorial Day - no classes
    June 2023
    6/14/2023Upper-level first summer session - Classes end
    6/15/2023Upper-level first summer session - Reading day
    6/16/2023 Upper-level first summer session - Exams
    6/16/2023Summer starter first summer session - Classes end
    6/17/2023Summer starter first summer session - Reading day
    6/19/2023Upper-level second summer session - Classes begin
    6/19/2023 and 6/21/2023Summer starter first summer session - Exams
    6/22/2023Summer starter second summer session - Classes begin
    July 2023
    7/4/2023Independence Day holiday - no classes
    7/17/2023Summer starter second summer session - Classes end
    7/18/2023Summer starter second summer session - Reading day
    7/19/2023Upper-level second summer session - Classes end
    7/20/2023Upper-level second summer session - Reading day
    7/19/2023 and 7/21/2023Summer starter second summer session - Exams
    7/21/2023Upper-level second summer session - Exams
    August 2023
    8/17/2023 - 8/23/2023Orientation/Lawyering Skills classes (fall starters)
    8/21/2023 - 8/23/2023Orientation/Lawyering Skills classes (summer starters)
    8/24/2023Fall classes begin
    September 2023
    9/4/2023Labor Day holiday - no classes
    October 2023
    10/14/2023Fall Break begins - no classes
    10/18/2023Law classes resume
    November 2023
    11/22/2023Thanksgiving recess begins - no classes
    11/27/2023Law classes resume
    11/30/2023Constructive day for MTW classes
    December 2023
    12/1/2023Reading day
    12/4/2023First day of final examinations
    12/15/2023Last day of final examinations
    12/16/2023Winter recess begins
    January 2024
    1/16/2024Spring 2024 law classes begin