Class Schedule

Current and Upcoming Class Schedules

See the tables below for law class schedules for the current semester and upcoming semesters. Schedules for the upcoming semester will be posted when enrollment opens.

Enrollment Times

Enrollment appointment times are set according to the number of hours a student has completed plus the number of hours in which they are currently enrolled.

  • Day 1: 59+ hours
  • Day 2: 29-58 hours
  • Day 3: 0-28 hours

Fall 2022 Class Schedules

NOTE: The Fall 2022 schedule and course offerings are subject to change (based on enrollment, instructor availability, etc). Any changes will be reflected here as they are made.

Summer 2022 Class Schedule - First Session: All Classes

Class Schedule - First Session

Notes on Upper-Level Classes

Class Dates - Upper-Level First Session:

  • May 16 - June 14 (classes will be held on Memorial Day, May 30)

Exam Dates - Upper-Level First Session:

  • Evidence - June 16

Notes on First-Year Classes

Summer Starter Orientation and Lawyering Skills:

  • May 19, 20, 23

Class Dates - First-Year First Session:

  • May 24 - June 17 (classes will not be held on Memorial Day, May 30)

Exam Dates - First-Year First Session:

  • Torts - June 20
  • Criminal Law - June 22

Summer 2022 Class Schedule - Second Session: All Classes

Class Schedule - Second Session

Notes on Upper-Level Classes

Class Dates - Upper-Level Second Session:

  • June 20 - July 19 (no classes on July 4)

Exam Dates - Upper-Level Second Session:

  • Professional Responsibility - July 21
  • State Constitutional Law - July 22

Notes on First-Year Classes

Class Dates - First-Year Second Session:

  • June 23 - July 18 (no classes on July 4)

Exam Dates - First-Year Second Session:

  • Torts - July 20
  • Criminal Law - July 22

Spring 2022 Class Schedule: Upper-Level

How to Search the Class Schedule

Use the search bar at the top of table to search for specific courses, credit hours or course designations. The table can also be sorted using the arrows in each column header.

Course type key:

  • PW = professional writing
  • SW = scholarly writing
  • EXP = experiential
  • CLIN = clinic
  • PW or EXP = professional writing or experiential

Course Notes

  • Courses marked "MS only" are not open to J.D. student enrollment unless you receive advance permission from Assistant Dean Terranova and Professor Hoeflich.

Limit on Hours from Clinics and Field Placements

  • No student may accumulate more than 16 credit hours from clinic and field placement courses.

Spring 2022 KU Law Class Schedule - Upper-Level Students

Course TitleCatalog #FacultyRoomClass #Day / TimeExamCreditsWriting (PW / SW) or CLIN / EXPNotes
Deposition Skills Workshop859Rosenberg / HinesVarious58576SuMTW, Jan 9-12No2EXP 
Advanced Legal Research856Wilson, Blake10743553MW 1:35-2:30No2  
Advanced International Trade Law864Bhala, Raj10852629M 9:15-11:15, T 9:15-10:10No3SW 
Advanced Litigation857Schnug, Meredith20149448R 1:35-3:35, F 1:35-2:30No3EXP 
Bankruptcy889Ware, Stephen20350127MTW 2:40-3:35Yes3  
Biolaw870Torrance, Andrew12758583W 8:10-10:10Yes2  
Business Organizations (non-PW)892Platt, Alex10458584MTW 1:35-2:30Yes3  
Capital Punishment871Cateforis, ElizabethW-310, RF-12748719WRF 1:35-2:30No3SW 
Commercial Arbitration872Drahozal, Chris20352650MTW 11:25-12:20Yes3 NOTE TO STUDENTS: Prof. Drahozal does not allow remote participation.
Complex Litigation902Hines, Laura10750177WRF 9:15-10:10Yes3  
Contract Drafting869Sears, Kelley10847927R 8:10-10:10No3PW or EXP 
Criminal Practice in Kansas838Phillips, Jean12758588WRF 2:40-3:35No3PW or EXP 
Criminal Procedure878Yung, Corey10447259TWR 10:20-11:15Yes3  
Elder Law Field Placement Program901Harp, Marilyn31048834R 8:10-9:05No*EXP 
Elections and Campaign Finance891Johnson, Mark10758589MTW 2:40-3:35No3SW 
Employment Discrimination903Velte, Kyle10751274TWR 10:20-11:15Yes3  
Employment Law925Rosenberg, Joyce10758591TRF 11:25-12:20Yes3  
Environmental Law (non-PW)905Russell, Irma10958592

T 9:15-11:15

Environmental Law Seminar: Public Lands and Natural Resources Law904Russell, Irma10858595MW 3:45-5:15No3SW 
Estate Planning: Practice907Donaldson, Emily10945046M 10:20-12:20No2PW 
Extended Bar Exam Preparation943Jewell, Glenn10451393F 3:35-5:35No2  
Family Law909Daily, Melanie20348703MTW 9:15-10:10Yes3  
Federal Courts and the Federal System (non-PW)910Mulligan, Lou10848772MTW 8:10-9:05Yes3  
Field Placement Program894Schmidt, Jennifer31043956F 9:15-10:10No1-6EXP 
First Amendment Advocacy959Kautsch, Max12752698TR 3:45-5:10No3EXP 
Global Data Protection Law951Fey, Laura31052819M 5:15-7:15Yes2  
Immigration Law923Sharma-Crawford, Rekha12758633MF 10:20-11:45Yes3  
International Commerce and Investment945Head, John31048705WRF 11:25-12:20Yes3  
Judicial Field Placement Program933Keller, Pam12941602W 4:45-5:40No*EXP 
Jurisdiction (non-PW)845Hines, Laura10846757WRF 11:25-12:20Yes3  
Jurisprudence934Stacy, Tom20358634MTW 10:20-11:15Optional3SW or Exam 
Labor Law939Delaney, Mike12758666MTW 1:35-2:30Yes3  
Legal Aid Clinic (and Class)952Daily, Melanie / Schnug, Meredith10941606M 1:35-3:35No6EXP 
Legislative Simulation and Study955Schmidt, Jennifer10952628R 9:15-12:15No3PW, EXP 
LGBTQ Seminar982Brown, David31047291W 3:50-6:50No3PW 
Local Government Law956Lucas, Quinton10652630M 3:45-5:45Yes2  
Marginalized Bodies in Literature, Medicine and the Law953Peters, Najarian4020 Wescoe58997R 4:00-6:30No3  
Mergers and Acquisitions947Mikkelson, Eric10746756R 5:00-7:00Yes2  
Patent Law977Torrance, Andrew31052682MT 8:10-10:10Yes4  
Pretrial Advocacy970Castle, Amii10441609MTW 11:25-12:20No3EXP 
Professional Responsibility972Hoeflich, Mike20341610F 9:15-11:15Yes2  
Project for Innocence Class896Phillips / Cateforis / Craig20141587R 9:15-10:10No1PW or EXP 
Public International Law974Head, John20351275WRF 8:10-9:05Yes3  
Real Estate Finance985Hickey, John20159312R 1:35-3:35Yes2PW 
Renewable Energy Law Practice984Anderson, Alan        Hagedorn, Luke10958870R 3:45-5:45Yes2  
Securities Regulation986Platt, Alex31058636MT 11:25-12:20Yes2  
Taxation of Business Enterprises855Mazza, Stephen10741584MW 3:45-5:10Yes3  
Practice of Privacy Law973Peters, Najarian31058947T 2:40-4:40
R 2:40-3:35
Trial Advocacy Class992Craig, Alice20341611R 11:25-12:20No3EXP 
Trial Advocacy Lab992Kuchar, Bob20146394M 6:00-8:00**EXP 
Trial Advocacy Lab992Scherff, Dionne20141612T 5:45-7:45**EXP 
Trial Advocacy Lab992Coates, BillCourthouse41613W 6:00-8:00**EXP 
Trial Advocacy Lab992Henry, BrandonCourthouse53039W 6:00-8:00**EXP 
Trial Advocacy Lab992Folsom, CarlCourthouse53040W 6:00-8:00**EXP 
Trial Advocacy Lab992Catania, Sheri20145867R 6:00-8:00**EXP 
Trusts and Estates996Drahozal, Chris104 MTW 8:10-9:05Yes3 NOTE TO STUDENTS: Prof. Drahozal does not allow remote participation. 
Advanced Legal Aid833Daily, Melanie / Schnug, Meredith 49447Appt. 3EXP 
Criminal Prosecution Field Placement Program890Schmidt, Jennifer 58736Appt. 1-6EXP 
Independent Research924Staff  Appt. 1-2EXP 
International Business Law Drafting829Head, John 49637Appt. 1PW*students must be concurrently enrolled in, or must previously have taken, Int'l Commerce & Investment
International Law Moot Court Competition929Head, John 41601Appt. 2  
Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy I940Levy, Rick 43070Appt. 1SW 
Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy II927Levy, Rick 41603Appt. 2SW 
Law Review950Drahozal / Hines 41604Appt. 1SW 
Law Review950Drahozal / Hines 41605Appt. 2SW 
Mediation Skills Workshop801Watts, Shawn 58742Appt.    
Mock Trial Council962Craig, Alice 48708Appt. 3  
Moot Court Council961Keller, Pamela 41608Appt. 1  
Project for Innocence Clinic895Phillips / Cateforis / Craig 41586Appt. 3PW or EXP 
Transactional Law Competition948Sears, Kelley 52787Appt. 1-2  
National / International Moot Court Competitions: Bankruptcy964Ware, Stephen 45098Appt. 2  
National / International Moot Court Competitions: Constitutional964Mulligan, Lou 48021Appt. 2  
National / International Moot Court Competitions: Criminal Law964Stacy, Tom 44641Appt. 2  
National / International Moot Court Competitions: Employment Law964Rosenberg, Joyce 47522Appt. 2  
National / International Moot Court Competitions: Environmental964Outka / Cateforis 46846Appt. 2  
National / International Moot Court Competitions: Immigration964Keller, Pamela 58799Appt. 2  
National / International Moot Court Competitions: NALSA964Watts, Shawn 44689Appt. 2  
National / International Moot Court Competitions: National964Keller, Pamela 44642Appt. 2  
National / International Moot Court Competitions: National Championship964Keller, Pamela 45974Appt. 2  
National / International Moot Court Competitions: Thurgood Marshall Moot Court964Cateforis, Elizabeth 47530Appt. 2  
Sixth Semester in D.C. only - Asylum and Refugee Law978Gottlieb, David / Schmidt, Jennifer 58738Appt. 2  
Sixth Semester in D.C. only - Sixth Semester Capstone846Schmidt, Jennifer 51681Appt. 1  
Sixth Semester in D.C. only - Sixth Semester in D.C. Field Placement825Schmidt, Jennifer 49522Appt. 1-9EXP 
SJD Course: Advanced SJD Seminar990Hoeflich, Mike 48707Appt. 1  
SJD Course: SJD First Year Seminar983Hoeflich, Mike 48709Appt. 1  
SJD Course: SJD Dissertation Hours988Committee Chair (varies)  Appt. 1-4  
MS Course: International Aspects of Homeland Security 815Hoeflich, Mike / McMillin, EricHybrid - Leavenworth Classroom 350149W 6:00-9:00 3 Meets 1/19 - 3/9
MS Course: Homeland Security Practicum817Hoeflich, Mike / McMillin, EricHybrid - Leavenworth Classroom 353341Appt. 5 Meets 1/18 - 5/5 and meets for a 2-3 day period 5/6 - 5/22. Specific dates for class meetings for the final simulation TBD.
MS Course: Special Topics: The Balance of Liberty and Security - Combatting Terrorism in the Homeland994Hoeflich, Mike / McMillin, EricHybrid - Leavenworth Classroom 352943W 6:00-9:00 3 Meets 3/23 - 5/4
MS Course: Independent Research Homeland Security924Varies  Appt. 1-2 Requires students to produce a research paper under the guidance of the Homeland Security Program faculty. Meetings online or in-person. Instructor consent and Director consent required.
Due Diligence in Business Transactions meets from 5/9-5/13 all day.835Sears,Kelley 58967Appt. 2Exp 


Spring 2022 Class Schedule: First-Year Courses

Find the spring first-year course schedule below. Learn more about first-year courses on the First-Year Curriculum page.

Spring 2022 First-Year Courses
Course TitleCatalog #FacultyRoomClass #Day / TimeExamCreditsSections
Criminal Law814Stacy, Tom10647924MTWR 2:40-3:35Yes41, 4
Criminal Law814Yung, Corey10447925MTWR 2:40-3:35Yes42, 3
Introduction to Constitutional Law806Levy, Richard10445430MTWR 9:15-10:10Yes41, 2, SS
Introduction to Constitutional Law806McAllister, Stephen10645429MTW 9:15-10:10, W 10:20-11:15Yes43, 4
Lawyering Skills II821Carter, Jordan31045449TRF 1:35-2:30No31
Lawyering Skills II821Keller, Pamela20344609TRF 1:35-2:30No32
Lawyering Skills II821Rosenberg, Joyce10644608TRF 1:35-2:30No33
Lawyering Skills II821Watts, Shawn12744607TRF 8:10-9:05No34
Lawyering Skills II821Six, Betsy10745450TRF 8:10-9:05No3SS
Lawyering Skills II821Six, Betsy10758580TRF 1:35-2:30No3mixed from 1, 2, 3, 4
Property826Outka, Uma10648701MTRF 10:20-11:15Yes41, 3
Property826Outka, Uma10648702MTRF 11:25-12:20Yes42, 4, SS