Class Schedule

Current and Upcoming Class Schedules

See the tables below for law class schedules for the current semester and upcoming semesters. Schedules for the upcoming semester will be posted when enrollment opens.

Enrollment Times

Enrollment appointment times are set according to the number of hours a student has completed plus the number of hours in which they are currently enrolled.

  • Day 1: 59+ hours
  • Day 2: 29-58 hours
  • Day 3: 0-28 hours

Fall 2021 Class Schedule: Upper-Level

How to search the class schedule

Use the search bar at the top of table to search for specific courses, credit hours or course designations. The table can also be sorted using the arrows in each column header.

Course type key:

  • PW = professional writing
  • SW = scholarly writing
  • EXP = experiential
  • CLIN = clinic
  • PW or EXP = professional writing or experiential

Course notes

  • Courses marked "MS only" are not open to J.D. student enrollment unless you receive advance permission from Assistant Dean Terranova and Professor Hoeflich.
  • LAW 994 Special Topics: Kansas Legal History involves substantial archival research, a number of research excursions as a class and completion of a substantial research paper.
  • LAW 972 Professional Responsibility: Students have the option to write a research paper related to the course for one additional credit hour, with instructor approval.
  • LAW 824 Global Challenges in Law, Agriculture, Development and Economy: Students enrolled in the course may enroll in one hour of LAW 924 Independent Research, which counts toward the Scholarly Writing Course Requirement.

Fall 2021 KU Law Class Schedule - Upper-Level Students

Course TitleCatalog #FacultyRoomClass #Day / TimeExamCreditsType
Accounting for Lawyers911Phillips, Alee10429095TR 2:40-3:35Yes2 
Administrative Law850Levy, Rick20315615MTW 2:40-3:35Take home3 
Advanced Criminal Procedure852Cateforis, Elizabeth31024011WRF 10:20-11:15Yes3 
Advanced Legal Aid Clinic833Daily / Schnug 19487Appt. 1-3CLIN
Antitrust Law863Landsberg, Erica10917659MT 1:35-3:00Yes3 
Appellate Advocacy807Stegall, Caleb20121052R 2:40-5:40No2PW
Business Organizations (8/26 - 11/12)892Harper Ho, VirginiaBurge 1020D18405MTWR 11:25-12:20Yes3summer starters can enroll
Civil Rights Actions886McAllister, Stephen20328997MTW 1:35-2:30Yes3 
Commercial Law: Secured Transactions873Ware, Stephen20328991MTW 10:20-11:15Yes3 
Conflict of Laws881Stacy, Thomas10614303TWR 9:15-10:10Yes3PW
Contract Drafting869Sears, Kelley20318406R 8:10-10:10No3PW or EXP
Criminal Procedure878Phillips, JeanBurge 1020D15616MTW 1:35-2:30Yes3 
Criminal Prosecution Field Placement Program890  19831Appt. 1-6EXP
Elder Law Field Placement Program901Harp, Marilyn31011504R 8:10-9:05No2-6EXP
Electronic Discovery I899Castle, Amii10419488MT 11:25-12:20No2 
Employment Law925Rosenberg, Joyce10729096TWR 1:35-2:30Yes3 
Estate Planning: Principles906Donaldson, Emily10925638M 10:20-12:20No3 
Evidence908Velte, KyleBurge 1020D20096MTW 8:10-9:05Yes3 
Federal Income Tax913Mazza, Stephen10411505MW 1:30-5:00Yes3 
Federal Indian Law914Watts, Shawn12728998R 8:10-10:10No3PW
Field Placement Program894Schmidt, Jennifer 13605Appt. 1-6EXP
Global Challenges in Law, Agriculture, Development and Economy824Head, John10628945MT 3:45-5:10Yes3SW option; summer starters can enroll
Health Law & Policy920Collier, Guy10724020R 3:45-5:45Take home2 
Independent Research924Staff  Appt. 1-2SW
Intellectual Property968Torrance, Andrew10624577M 8:10-10:10, TW 8:10-9:05Yes4 
International Law and Literature827Bhala, Raj12720095MT 1:35-3:00No3PW
International Trade Law944Bhala, Raj12713007M 9:15-11:15, T 9:15-10:10Yes3 
Introduction to Elder Law931Reaves, Craig10711519R 9:15-11:15Yes2 
Judicial Field Placement Program933Keller, Pam31011520W 4:50-5:45No3EXP
Jurisdiction845Mulligan, Lou10421181WF 1:35-3:00No3PW
Jurisdiction (invitation)845Six, Betsy20116054TR 10:20-11:15, W 9:15-11:15Yes4 
Juvenile Law935Schnug, Meredith20111521RF 1:35-2:30Yes2 
Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy I940Levy 14055Appt. 1SW
Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy II937Levy 11522Appt. 2SW
Kansas Supreme Court Research Practicum840Steadham / Wilson31028999W 2:40-4:40No3PW or EXP
Law Review950Drahozal / Hines 11523Appt. 1SW
Law Review950Drahozal / Hines 17044Appt. 2SW
LEAD Class, undergradHNRS 492Mulligan, Lou201 W 4:00-4:50No1undergrad
Legal Aid Clinic952Daily / Schnug31011524M 1:35-3:35No6CLIN
Legislation and Statutory Interpretation954Levy, Rick10425578MTW 9:15-10:10No3PW
Media and the First Amendment958Johnson, Mark20125579MW 1:35-3:00No3 
Mock Trial Competition949Craig, Alice 18522Appt. 1 
Mock Trial Council962Craig, Alice 18523Appt. 3 
Moot Court Competition960Keller, Pam10628957F 8:10-9:05No1 
Moot Court Council961Keller, Pam  Appt.   
National / International Law Moot Court Competitions964   see individual competitions for details   
Moot Court: 1st Amendment964Stacy, Thomas 17312Appt. 2 
Moot Court: Environmental Law964Outka, Uma 16714Appt. 2 
Moot Court: National Moot Court964Keller, Pam 11525Appt. 2 
Moot Court: Criminal Procedure964Cateforis, Beth 18824Appt. 2 
Moot Court: Constitutional Law964TBD 18764Appt. 2 
Nonprofit and Tax Exempt Organizations965Hopkins, Bruce12715620W 10:20-12:20Yes2 
Privacy Law885Peters, Najarian10729520MTW 10:20-11:15Yes3 
Professional Responsibility972Velte, Kyle10411526F 9:15-11:15Yes2-3summer starters can enroll
Project for Innocence Class896Phillips / Cateforis / Craig31011503R 2:40-4:00No1CLIN
Project for Innocence Clinic895Phillips / Cateforis / Craig 11502Appt. 3PW or CLIN
Public Policy Practicum976Schmidt, Jennifer20111527M 9:15-11:15No3PW or EXP
Remedies928Hines, Laura10728951WRF 11:25-12:20Yes3 
Sex Crimes980Yung, Corey10725457MTW 2:40-3:35No3SW
Special Topics: Cybercrimes994Wolesky, Matt31029535M 6:00-8:00Yes2 
Special Topics: Introduction to Employee Benefits994Smith, Steven / Lacey, Jason10719521T 3:45-5:45Yes2 
Special Topics: Federal Criminal Law994Stacy, Thomas31029196WRF 11:25-12:20Yes3 
Special Topics: Kansas Legal History994Hoeflich, Michael20326025F 1:35-3:35No3SW
Special Topics: Social Justice Lawyering994Brett, Sharon12726026T 3:45-5:45No2 
State Court Practice969Roberts, Bethany12723773MW 4:50-6:15Yes3non-PW
Transactional Law Competition948Sears, Kelley 25992Appt. 1 
Trial Advocacy Class992Craig, Alice20111528R 9:15-10:10No3EXP
Trial Advocacy Lab992Craig, Alice20119434T 3:45-5:45 0 
Trial Advocacy Lab992Donovan, Stacey20111529T 6:30-8:30 0 
Trial Advocacy Lab992Erickson, Marc20117660W 6:00-8:00 0 
Tribal Judicial Support Clinic998Watts, Shawn 15629Appt. 3CLIN
Water Law995Titus, Kenneth10724288W 3:45-5:45Yes2 
SJD Course: SJD First-Year Seminar988  18683Appt. 1SJD only
SJD Course: Advanced SJD Seminar990  18684Appt. 1SJD only
MS Course: Domestic Aspects of Homeland Security (8/25 - 10/13)816Hoeflich, Michael / McMillin, EricHybrid / Hotel conference room 320304W 6:00-9:00 3MS only; see note
MS Course: Homeland Security Practicum (8/23 - 12/6)817Hoeflich, Michaelonline27211Appt. 1-6MS only; see note
MS Course: Special Topics: Cybersecurity Law and Policy (8/24 - 12/17)994Biller, Jeffonline29810T 6:30-9:00 3MS only; see note
MS Course: Special Topics: Terrorism Finance (10/20 - 12/8)994Crawford, TomHybrid / Hotel conference room 329536W 5:00-9:20 3MS only; see note


Fall 2021 Class Schedule: First-Year Courses

Find the fall first-year course schedule below. Learn more about first-year courses on the First-Year Curriculum page.

Fall 2021 First-Year Courses
Course TitleCatalog #FacultyRoomClass #Day / TimeExamCreditsSections
Contracts809Drahozal, Chris10618403M 11:25-12:20 and MTW 2:40-3:35Yes41
Contracts809Platt, Alex20318404MTWR 11:25-12:20Yes42
Contracts809Ware, SteveBurge 1020D25450MTWR 2:40-3:35Yes43, 4, S
Civil Procedure804Hines, LauraBurge 1020D15614TWRF 9:15-10:10Yes41, 3
Civil Procedure804Mulligan, Lou10426132TWRF 8:10-9:05Yes42, 4, S
Torts831Peters, Najarian10628938MTWR 1:35-2:30Yes44
Torts831McAllister, Steve10428939MTWR 10:20-11:15Yes41, 2
Torts831Velte, Kyle10628940MTWR 10:20-11:15Yes43
Lawyering Skills I820Watts, Shawn127 TR 10:20-11:15No2S
Lawyering Skills I820Watts, Shawn127 TR 11:25-12:20No23
Lawyering Skills I820Keller, Pam106 TR 11:25-12:20No24
Lawyering Skills I820Carter, Jordan104 TR 1:35-2:30No22
Lawyering Skills I820Six, Betsy310 TR 1:35-2:30No21
Lawyering Skills I820Rosenberg, Joyce203 TR 3:45-4:40No25 (mixed)