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Course Descriptions

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Two of your first-year courses will be taught in a small section of about 20 students, providing personal interaction with professors, an informal learning atmosphere that encourages in-depth discussion and analysis, and the opportunity to bond with classmates who will be friends and professional colleagues for years to come.

First-Year Courses

Once you have conquered your first-year requirements, you will have access to more than 100 upper-level courses in a variety of practice areas, from agricultural law to sports law. Many are seminars, simulation courses, directed research or clinics.

Upper-Level Courses

LAW 803 Legal Analytics

Legal analytics is the systematic computational analysis of legal data or statistics. This class teaches students how to use mathematical, statistical, and data analytical approaches to analyzing sources of law such as judicial decisions, briefs, motions, statutes, rules and regulations, legal commentary (e.g., law review articles, treatises), and the vast amounts of data generated by legal institutions (e.g., HHS, USPTO, IRS, SEC, EPA, USDA, FBI). Students will learn how to identify sources of legal data, assemble legal data into usable forms (e.g., database), clean and measure legal data, analyze legal data (e.g., using statistical tests, crowd-sourcing, artificial intelligence, network analysis), interpret results of legal data analysis, and present results of legal data analysis to different audiences (e.g., juries, judges, attorneys, regulators, investors, politicians, the public). The class will include problem sets designed to ensure student mastery of all methods covered. In addition, students will learn how to use powerful legal analytics software tools — access to which will be provided free by commercial vendors for student use — capable of discovering, analyzing, interpreting, communicating, and visualizing legal data. Upon completion of this class, students will possess experience and expertise in all major legal analytics methods.

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