Private Scholarships


Throughout the year, many scholarship opportunities open to KU Law students are presented from private organizations.

Visit the Scholarships page for information about scholarships granted upon admission. KU Law also offers students the opportunity to apply for additional scholarships provided by our generous donors. Visit the Law Scholarship Application page for more information.

Submit a Scholarship

If you would like to have your scholarship featured on this page, please fill out our online scholarship opportunity submission form with the scholarship information.

Please note: These scholarships are for law students only. If you would like to submit a scholarship for other fields of study, please submit those inquiries to the KU Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

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Private Scholarship Opportunities

Find current scholarship opportunities listed below. New scholarship opportunities will be added as we receive and review them.

KU Law Private Scholarships
PostedScholarship NameTagsAmountDeadline
2024-05-17First Generation College Student Scholarship $2,5002024-10-02
2024-05-14Fernandez & Karney Scholarship for Students $1,0002024-09-15
2024-05-09The 2024 Alpha Accident Lawyers Scholarship $5,0002024-12-31
2024-05-09Fight Against Domestic Violence Scholarship $2,0002024-10-14
2024-05-09Carlile Law Firm, LLP Scholarship for Students $1,0002024-08-15
2024-05-09Angeleno Accident Lawyers Scholarship $2,5002024-12-31
2024-05-09Supporting Prisoners' Families Scholarship $1,0002024-09-18
2024-05-09Goostree Law Group Bright Futures Scholarship $2,5002024-09-23
2024-04-17The Blossom Law Caregiver Scholarship $1,0002024-08-21
2024-04-15Law School Opportunity Scholarship $1,0002024-09-09
2024-04-15Supporting Prisoners’ Families Scholarship $1,0002024-09-28
2024-04-10O'Brien & Eggleston PLLC Law Scholarship1L, first year$1,0002025-02-15
2024-04-10Swenson & Shelley Law Scholarship $1,0002024-06-05
2024-04-10The Scholarship $1,0002024-12-31
2024-04-05The Law Offices of W. Dan Mahoney, P.C. Scholarship for Students1L, first year$1,0002025-02-15
2024-04-02Justice for All Scholarship $1,0002024-09-30
2024-03-27The Bretz Injury Law University of Kansas School of Law Student Scholarship $1,0002024-06-30
2024-03-20Future Lawyers Scholarship $2,0002024-09-18
2024-03-18Whitmarsh Family Law, PC Scholarship For Students1L, first year$1,5002024-08-31
2024-03-18Striving Solo Parent Scholarship $1,0002024-09-16
2024-03-13McGuire Law Firm Scholarship for Students1L, first year$1,0002024-09-05
2024-03-13Kasturi Law LLC Scholarship for Students $1,0002024-09-15
2024-03-13The Devadoss Law Firm Civil Rights Scholarship $1,0002024-09-04
2024-02-27Magana & Van Dyke Dominick Marsala Memorial Scholarship $1,0002024-08-28
2024-02-20The 2024 Alpha Accident Lawyers Scholarship $5,0002024-12-31
2024-02-20Emery Reddy, PLLC Scholarship $2,0002024-11-30
2024-02-20ChapmanAlbin Annual Scholarship $1,0002024-06-14
2024-02-20Supporting Our Heroes $1,0002024-08-07
2024-02-20Out-of-State Student Scholarship $1,0002024-08-21
2024-02-15Single Parent Scholarshipsingle-parent$1,0002024-07-02
2024-01-30Clark Law Group Scholarshipmilitary$1,0002024-07-02
2024-01-23The 2024 Law Offices of Daniel Kim Scholarship $2,5002024-12-31
2024-01-12Elite Lawyer Scholarship $1,0002024-07-10
2024-01-092024 Terry Bryant Law School Scholarship $2,5002024-06-03
2024-01-09The Crowder Law Firm Scholarship $1,0002024-07-08
2024-01-032024 Single Parent Scholarship $1,0002024-05-31
2024-01-02Ramage Law Group Adopted Child Scholarship $1,0002024-06-26
2024-01-02Lawyers of Tomorrow Scholarship $1,0002024-06-26
2024-01-02Hutchison & Foreman Committing to Justice Scholarship $1,5002024-06-24
2024-01-02Hoggatt Injury Law Children of Injured Workers Scholarship $1,0002024-06-24
2023-12-19The Gold Law Firm Challenge Yourself Scholarship $1,0002024-06-19
2023-12-14Foundation for Advancement of Diversity in IP Law $30,000 
2023-12-14Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys Students in Need Scholarship $2,0002024-05-20
2023-12-14Law Office of Jae Lee Immigrant Student Scholarship $1,0002024-05-20
2023-12-14OVC, INC. "Market Yourself" Scholarship $1,0002024-05-27
2023-12-14John Mattiacci Aspiring Personal Injury Lawyer Law Student Scholarship $2,5002024-05-30
2023-12-14Rosen Injury Aspiring Personal Injury Law Student Scholarship $2,5002024-05-31
2023-12-14Futeral & Nelson, LLC Academic Scholarship $2,0002024-05-31
2023-12-14Lucas Law Legal Leaders Scholarship $1,0002024-06-03
2023-12-14One Tough Student Scholarship $1,0002024-06-03
2023-12-14The Behan Law Group Military Veteran Scholarship $1,0002024-06-20
2023-12-14The Vasquez Law Firm DACA Dreamer Scholarship $1,0002024-06-12
2023-12-14Justice in Family Law Scholarship $1,0002024-06-12
2023-12-14Miami Family Law Breaking the Cycle Scholarship $1,0002024-06-19
2023-12-14Ben Hall Law Scholarship $1,0002024-07-01
2023-12-14Gerald Miller Aspiring Criminal Defense Lawyer Law Student Scholarship $2,5002024-08-31
2023-12-14Australia-U.S.A. Electric Vehicle Scholarship $3,5002024-06-30
2023-12-14Legal Studies Scholarship $1,0002024-11-30
2023-12-14General Scholarship $1,0002024-11-30
2023-12-14Rueb Stoller Daniel Annual Scholarship $1,0002024-11-31



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