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Updated on January 18 at 9:00 a.m.

Visit Protect KU for the latest news on KU’s response to COVID-19.

Building Access

Green Hall is open in accordance with Wheat Law Library hours. Check the library schedule for current building and law library hours.

Recent News

  • All Spring 2022 classes will be offered in person, consistent with the university’s Protect KU plan, requiring masking and other safety protocols. In the event of disruption to in-person classes due to instructor COVID-19 quarantine or illness (or student medical absences in a course that exceed university thresholds), the School of Law may approve a course to shift online temporarily for synchronous, asynchronous, or blended formats as determined by the instructor.
  • It is important that students remain in contact with their professors and keep them informed should they need to miss class for any short-term health-related reasons. Instructors will determine how best to support students who must temporarily miss classes due to COVID-19 quarantine or illness, including the possibility of remote attendance. Keep a close eye out for communications from your professors as they may notify you of changes shortly before class.
  • Masking is still required in campus buildings. Read the most updated mask policy.
  • Visit Protect KU for information about safe, easy and secure ways to get vaccinated through Watkins Health Services.

Protect KU

Visit Protect KU for the latest updates on the university's response to COVID-19.

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