U.S. Supreme Court Swearing-In Ceremony

Group photo of KU Law alumni on the steps of the Supreme Court building


KU Law alumni will gather in Washington, D.C., to become members of the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States in open court on June 12, 2025. This memorable experience is available for up to 25 KU Law alumni.

Applicants must be a member of a state bar association and in good standing for at least three years.

Please check back for additional details about applications for the June 2025 ceremony.


Rebecca Clayton, Events Coordinator


Swearing-In Ceremony Information

A 'magnificent' experience: 2018 Swearing-In Ceremony

Professor Stephen McAllister, L'88

Shorten your bucket list by joining us for an extraordinary weekend this June in Washington, D.C.

This unique opportunity involves appearing in the magnificent courtroom that morning in front of all of the justices, as well as an opportunity to meet one or more justices following the ceremony.

The morning begins with our group gathering inside the Supreme Court, where you will be assisted and guided by members of the KU Law family, as well as staff of the Supreme Court. I will move the admission of the KU Law group in the courtroom that morning.

As added highlights, you and your guests will be seated in the courtroom before the court convenes, and you will have the opportunity to watch and listen as the justices announce from the bench decisions of the court prior to the admission ceremony. Then, once the admissions ceremony begins, you will hear your name called as I move your admissions one-by-one, you will stand as the justices look at you, and once the entire KU Law group is announced, the chief justice will formally grant the motion for admission. Once all admissions are completed, you will stand again, the clerk of the court will administer the oath of office, and the chief justice will officially welcome you as new members of the bar.

But that is not the end of a wonderful day! Once the court adjourns, the KU Law group will move to a room inside the court where most likely the chief justice and at least one other justice will stop by to greet, welcome, and visit with the admittees and their guests. In recent years, the chief justice has visited our group after the ceremony each time, and other justices — including Justice Sotomayor, Justice Ginsburg, and Justice Thomas — have stopped by to welcome and visit with our group. Generally, we have taken a group photo with any and all justices who stop by the KU Law room.

The court itself will eventually send you a certificate of your membership in the Supreme Court Bar (these look great in your office once framed).


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