First-Day Assignments


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Summer 2022

Assignments for summer 2022 are organized by class and faculty.

Assignment for June 20:

Reading assignment for the first day is pages 1-32

Model Rules of Professional Conduct and Other Selected Standards: 2022 Edition (P)

For class on Friday, May 20:

  • Go to the About Federal Courts webpage and read the information contained in the sections below. Please also watch this short video on state and federal courts
    1. Federal Courts and the Public
    2. Court Role and Structure
    3. Comparing Federal and State Courts
    4. About the U.S. Courts of Appeal
  • Read Chapters 1-2 in your Lawyering Skills textbook - A Lawyer Writes: A Practical Guide to Legal Analysis by Christine Coughlin, Joan Malmud & Sandy Patrick (Carolina Academic Press 2018) (ISBN 9781531008765). We will cover Chapter 3 on Monday.

Best, Barnes casebook pages 495-505