First-Day Assignments


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Fall 2022

Assignments for fall 2022 are organized by class and faculty.

Complete a short student information survey before the first day of class.

Casebook: Robert A. Ragazzo, Closely Held Business Organizations Cases, Materials, and Problems (West, 3rd Ed. 2020).

Initial reading assignments for Thursday, Aug. 25:

  • Topic: 

    • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Reading Assignment:
    • Casebook 1-14
  • Topic: 
    • Chapter 2: Agency

      • Creation of an Agency Relationship

        • Agency vs. Gratuitous Bailment

          • Gorton v. Doty
  • Reading Assignment:

Readings:   Chapters I and II & Problem I of Business Planning by Gevurtz.

For Thursday, August 25, please read pages 293-99 in Civil Procedure by Yeazell & Schwartz (10th ed.).

1) Register for the course on TWEN, a Westlaw service, as soon as you have your password

2) August 25-skim 293-300, read 300-10.  August 26 read 332-55.  Pages reference the red Yeazell casebook.

Class 1 - August 25, 2022 

Reading Assignment 

Chapter 1 – A Few Words. 
Chapter 2 – The Building Blocks of Contracts. 
Chapter 3 – Translating the Business Deal – Part 1. 
Chapter 4 – Translating the Business Deal – Part 2. (Including the Appendices to Chapter 4.) 
Chapter 5 – A Contract’s Parts.   

Class Discussion – We will discuss Exercise 5-2 during class.  Please review it. 

Drafting Assignment 
Please respond to each item on Exhibit B to this Syllabus and submit completed Exhibit B and your time sheet (Exhibit A to this Syllabus) via email no later than 10:00 am on Wednesday, August 24, 2022.

For the first day of class, read and prepare to discuss pages 1-8 in the Burton & Drahozal casebook. In addition, find, read and bring with you to class a contract of your choice.


Contracts casebook pages xix-xxi, 1-8


Assignments are posted on the course Canvas page. Read the first case: Dickinson v. Dodds.

(1)    Choose a news article related to the energy sector (dated any time in August 2022) - read it and prepare to share (1) how it relates to energy and (2) at least two things that interest you about the article. Bring a hard copy to submit in class. Sources for articles may include national, state, or local newspapers or the following specialized news sources:

Utility Dive
Energy News Network (collating news by region)
EnergyWire (access through Wheat Law Library; enter KU credentials for access off campus)

(2)    In Davies et al, Energy Law and Policy (3d ed.) (2022):
Preface, iii-iv; Introduction (pp. 1-14)


In the Courts of the Conqueror, CHAPTER FOUR: Johnson v. McIntosh: How the Indians Lost Legal Title to America, pp. 88 – 140; 

In the Courts of the Conqueror, CHAPTER FIVE: Cherokee Nation v. Georgia: Shutting the Courthouse Doors, pp. 140 – 201

First day reading: The casebook is Areen and Lake, Higher Education and the Law, second edition, First day: read pages:  6-8, 78-81, 1067-73, 1023-28, 1055-66, 1145-52.

Also, note that there will be a lot of skipping around in the book, so check the reading assignments in the syllabus carefully.  
     Questions to consider as you do the first day's reading:
    1. What is a university?
    2. What is the purpose of a university?
    3. Who are the owners or stakeholders of a university, and what are their roles and relationships?
    4. Who has legal authority?

Review syllabus: International Law and Literature Syllabus - Fall 2022 (.doc)


  1. POSNER, Preface, pages xi-xvi; and Critical Introduction; pages 1-17
  2. 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, Articles 31-32
  3. Clark, Katharine & Matthew Connolly, A Guide to Reading, Interpreting, and Applying Statutes (.pdf), The Writing Center, Georgetown University Law Center (April 2006-March 2018)
  4. GATT Article XX(a)

For week one and week two:

Review syllabus: International Trade Law - Fall 2022 (.doc)


  • International Trade Law, Volume 1: Preface, Introduction, and Chapters 1-3 and Chapters 4-12

Watch YouTube video:

Before class on the first day, familiarize yourself with the course Canvas site and complete the following, all of which can be found on Canvas:

  • Review the course syllabus;
  • Read Introduction to Skills Learning in Jurisdiction;
  • Read Pennoyer v. Neff ; and
  • As you read the case, complete the Case Reading Assignment.

Welcome to Juvenile Law!  I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.  The syllabus for this course and supplemental readings are posted on Canvas.  For our first class, please complete and submit the student intro sheet on Canvas.  Please read the following:

History & Philosophy of Juvenile Court
•    Robin Walker Sterling, Fundamental Unfairness: In Re Gault and the Road Not Taken, 72 MD. L. REV. 607 (2013) – pp. 615-33 “Juvenile Court – Origin” 
•    CB pp. 1-10

History & Philosophy of Juvenile Court
•    CB pp. 10-14 (Section C Rise of Juvenile Court; stop at Illinois Juv Court Act)

Civil Label & Common Law Defense of Infancy
•    CB pp. 44-55 (Section b Civil Label, Section c Defense of Infancy – stop at Section ii Defense of Insanity)
•    K.S.A. 38-2301
•    K.S.A. 38-2302(n)

Monday, August 29: Stone et al. casebook, pages 376-401.

LAW 960 - In-House Moot Court Competition:

Before the first class, read Bryan Gardner's Tips 1-16 in The Winning Brief. Access Canvas site and review the syllabus and watch the short introduction video (Canvas site will be available the day before our first class).

Text: Fishman, Schwarz & Mayer, Nonprofit Organizations Cases and Materials, Foundation Press, 6th Edition (2021).

Initial reading assignment for Thursday, Aug. 25:

  • Topic: 

    • Chapter 1: An Overview of the Nonprofit Sector
  • Readings:
    • Skim pp. 3-19
    • Read pp. 26-35; 38-45

You can find both articles on SSRN online.

Anita Allen's An Ethical Duty To Protect One's Own Privacy Alabama Law Review (Law Review Article)

Daniel Solove's "Understanding Privacy" pgs. 1-8 (Intro to Solove's book, Understanding Privacy).

For Thursday, August 25, please read pages 1-15 in the Modern American Remedies by Laycock and Hasen (Concise 5th edition).

Assignments for August 31

  • Watch on Core Knowledge for Lawyers: Video, The Legal Research Process Is Not Linear
  • Read: Legal Research Demystified, Introduction to Part II (Initial Research Steps for Researching Common Law and Statutory Issues), page 69.
  • Read: Legal Research Demystified, Chapter 5 (Create a Research Plan)
  • Read: Kansas Legal Research, Chapter 1 (The Research Process and Legal Analysis)

Secured Transactions casebook pages xxxi-xxxvii, 3-4

Professor Najarian R. Peters
Preparation for Classes One
August 25, 2022

Prosser et al Torts Cases and Materials 14th 

Introduction pgs. 1-16 
Ryan v. Napier (referenced on pg. 6 with link below). 
Ryan v. Napier, 245 Ariz. 54, 425 P.3d 230 (2018) 
Note 1 pg. 5; Notes and Questions 1-4 pgs. 6-7;   
Notes and Questions 1-4 pg.10 
Notes and Questions 2-6 pgs. 15-16 

Read – Primary Textbook - Introduction to Water Law, pages 1-17; 355-360. 
Read - Available Online in CANVASS in PDF: 
25% of World’s Population Under “Extremely High Water Stress” 
Water Scarcity – Why Some of the World’s Biggest Companies are Worried 
Water Dispute Draws Crowd 
Mexico Leader Decries Beer, Milk Production in Arid Areas 

Assignment– Bring a hard copy of an article discussing a water law issue in your home state and write a short paragraph or two summarizing the issue to discuss and hand in during class.