If you are a KU Law student or alumni seeking employment in another state, reciprocity can allow you to access the career services office of a law school in that state.

Requests must be generated through our office. If you would like to request reciprocity, fill out the reciprocity request form.

Reciprocity Guidelines

  • Our services are also available to people whose law schools allow KU Law students and graduates to use their career services facilities.
  • Non-KU Law students/alumni who would like to use our resources should contact their law school's career services office and have them send a letter to us requesting reciprocity.
  • It is important to remember that reciprocity policies can vary from school to school.

If you have any questions or need additional information about reciprocity, contact the Career Services Office.

KU Law Career Services Reciprocity Policy

The KU Law Career Services Office will provide reasonable use of its services to students and graduates of other law schools under the following terms:

  • Services are available only to students and alumni whose law schools provide reciprocity privileges to students and alumni of the University of Kansas School of Law.
  • Requests must be made in writing by a career services/placement official of the requesting law school’s career services office at least one week in advance of a requested visit, and should indicate the name, address, email and year of graduation for the student/graduate. Requests may be mailed, faxed or emailed and should also include a statement of services that the requesting school will provide to our students/alumni.
  • This office will notify the requesting law school’s career services office when reciprocity has been granted, and a copy of the notification will be sent to the student/graduate. The student/graduate is required to bring the letter granting reciprocity and check-in during their initial visit to our office.
  • Reciprocal services include access to job listings on Symplicity, in-office review of library resources, and counseling by appointment only.
  • Reciprocity does not include participation in on-campus interviews, resume forwarding, resume review or participation in career fairs/workshops.
  • Reciprocity privileges are extended for a two-month period from the date of granting. Requests for renewal will be considered as new requests.
  • Reciprocity is not available between August 1 and November 1. New requests made during this time will not be considered until after November 1, and reciprocity privileges already granted to students/graduates of other law schools will be suspended.
  • The Career Services Office may deny further services to any individual who misuses the facilities or services. The Assistant Dean for Career Services may deny further services to any law school surpassing a reasonable number of requests for reciprocity within any academic year or which limits the number of requests by University of Kansas students or alumni.

Request for or questions about reciprocity should be directed to:

Office of Career Services
University of Kansas School of Law
1535 W. 15th Street
Lawrence, KS 66045-7608
Phone: 785-864-4377
Fax: 785-864-5701